Fertitta: Diaz will not be cut

source: 5thround.com

Although UFC president Dana White issued a brief, if not generic, statement Thursday regarding Nick Diaz’s (Pictured) flunked drug test, he didn’t address the troubled welterweight’s future with the planet’s premier mixed martial arts promotion.

Thankfully for Mr. 209′s fanboys, UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta was stuck on a 18-hour flight back from Brazil and took to his Twitter to help kill the time. Despite testing positive for marijuana for the second time in his controversial career, Fertitta claims Diaz will be welcomed back to the Octagon once his impending suspension is lifted.

“He will be back,” Fetitta tweeted. “Really like the kid just needs to get it together. I’m a sap for real fighters.”

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notsobigmike site profile image  

2/13/12 9:26 PM by notsobigmike

The problem is that those are VERY difficult issues for a promoter to just "accept."The interesting part to me, is that Nick is getting exactly what he wished for. I think he just didn't realize what all came with it.If you're a $25-$50,0000 mid-card fighter who always puts on good fights and generates buzz, you can get away with failing drug tests or no-showing press conferences because the upside is much bigger than the downside.When you break into that superstar GSP money and the press attention that Nick's been wanting, you have to up your game with it. No promotion is going to pay a guy hundreds of thousands of dollars, and spend millions promoting him, when every fight is going to be a crap shoot of whether or not he pisses hot and can't fight for a year.No promotion is going to build entire events and weight classes around a guy who might not even show up for the presser, or might not file is medical paperwork on time, sinking a fight weeks or days out from the event.That shit will kill a career faster than any losses.

ufcman187 site profile image  

2/12/12 1:02 PM by ufcman187

Let's see here. he has had 2 fights since rejoining the UFC and the first one was changed because he wouldn't come to the press conference, and the 2nd he tested positive for an illegal drug. No way you should make an example out of him so others will take their job more seriously. You can't punish him, he makes you money. Incase you can't see the sarcasm I will come out and say it. FIRE THIS PIECE OF TRASH ! He may be good for your pockets but he is bad for the sport.

Salt the Snail site profile image  

2/12/12 1:33 AM by Salt the Snail

Like there was any chance to the contrary.

ironkong site profile image  

2/11/12 4:21 PM by ironkong

real fighter my ass. just say he wont be cut because he puts assesin the seats. no matter how much times he does something stupid in the UFC

Malagant site profile image  

2/11/12 1:50 PM by Malagant

Why would they cut him for Marijuana? They didn't cut Melvin Guillard for cocaine positive test after loss to Joe StevensonDave Herman for fail pre-fight drug screen Marijuana before facing Mike RussowKazuhiro Nakamura for Marijuana positive test after loss to Loyoto MachidaDiego Sanchez for Marijuana positive test after win over Joe RiggsPlus all the guys busted for Roids and other drugs

Jacinto site profile image  

2/11/12 1:18 PM by Jacinto

Correct.Lorenzo loves a "real fighter" like Nick who has a big following and the ability to draw alot of attention and bring in a ton of cash no matter how unprofessional he is. Same way as he loves a fighter who comes to "war" like Dan Hardy who has a big following in the UK market even though he has 4 straight losses and might very well be the only fighter in UFC history to keep his job after that. It really is a big joke and i am sure none of them like it but not much they can say or do since UFC is really the only show in town anymore.

Chuck Kongo site profile image  

2/11/12 1:06 PM by Chuck Kongo

I think there actually is some consistency if you watch these things closely enough. If Dana thinks he can make money off of you or has a personal hard-on for you (it's both in the case of Nick Diaz) you don't have to worry about being severly punished by the UFC for anything you do. At worst you lose a fight or get "fired" for a couple days until you're "re-hired". If you're some nobody who Dana doesn't have a man-crush on or you're not a draw and aren't being "pushed" by the UFC as a future "star" or potential draw.....your future and how it's effected by your actions and any trouble you might get in to is VERY uncertain. It's not that consistent....it's definitely not fair or professional....but it is a pattern.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

2/11/12 12:55 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 dana cut him just prior to punch just after   

epwar site profile image  

2/11/12 10:28 AM by epwar

Sadly, stuff like this will just let Diaz continue on his merry way.  How many times have we seen him screw up?  And how many times have we heard the "I just hope he gets his head on straight" line?  Hell, he's screwed Dana over 4 times in the last 6 months.  Things aren't going to change if you keep rewarding his behavior like Zuffa continue to do.  Strikeforce did it too.  Remember the Jay Hieron fiasco?  Instead of punishing Diaz, Coker gave him a title shot against Marius Zaromskis in his very next fight.  Diaz has never truly had to pay for any of his actions that have hurt promoters (outside of his suspensions). 

kevsh site profile image  

2/11/12 10:20 AM by kevsh

The double standard the UFC has with fighters should really change. It's sending the wrong message to these guys: One fighter gets cut for sending an inappropriate but hardly malicious tweet, another misses press conferences, gets stripped of a title shot, then gets his title shot again for being a loudmouth, then goes and fails another drug test after the fight and gets the owner's blessing.I wonder what UFC fighters REALLY think about Dana's inconsistent and often highly unprofessional (not to mention unfair and erratic) way of dealing with some of these situations?