Pierce: Everyone but two judges thought I beat Koscheck

source: sherdog.com

While Carlos Condit's decision victory over Nick Diaz at UFC 143 generated the most controversy, it was not the only one. Mike Pierce was interviewed on Sherdog's Savage Dog Show about his splt decision loss to Josh Koscheck.

“For whatever reason the judges seemed to be the only ones -- well, two out of three judges seemed to be the only ones that thought I didn’t win the fight,” said Pierce. “Everybody else thought I won the fight. Even Dana [White] was voicing his opinion, saying that he thought I won the fight too. FightMetric had me outstriking him and winning 29-28. Man, it’s just craziness.”

“After that first round, I was like, ‘Man, I’ve got this guy. I felt really content about how the fight was going and the pace that we were at and the control and everything. Everything was great. I felt awesome and I knew that I had the fight. Even in that third round, I thought I had it. Everything was going my way. That’s why I was a bit surprised when it was a split the other way.”

“I think I outstruck the guy. I think I certainly did more damage to him and landed the bigger shots."

“There was a lot of stiff jabs there that I was hitting him with, and I could have followed those up because they were landing solid. There were at least a handful that I remember just popping him square in the mouth. Had I followed that up, it would have been an even bigger wow factor and something the judges could have remembered and jotted down in their notes as they were scoring the rounds.”

“You’ve got to make sure you’re the hands-down, clear-cut choice as to who the winner is, but sometimes that’s hard … I mean, even GSP couldn’t finish Josh Koscheck on two different occasions. It’s not like he’s an easy fight for anyone, but there probably could have been things I could have done maybe a little differently for it to be a little more clear for everyone to know that I was the winner. But at the same time I think fighters have to improve, I think judging has to improve. I think refereeing has to improve. I think a little consistency would go a long way.”

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BrunoMcGyver site profile image  

2/14/12 1:42 AM by BrunoMcGyver

Kos did what he had to do to win. He fought a smart fight.

12SixElbow site profile image  

2/14/12 1:34 AM by 12SixElbow

 lol @ half points. If you win a round you win it, half points won't solve stupid judges.

Peacedog site profile image  

2/13/12 10:20 PM by Peacedog

I thought Pierce won the fight. I was genuinely surprised by the decision.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

2/13/12 7:37 PM by MMALOGIC

 Pierce knew he won the first round so he started playing it safe...  You cant fight like that because A: nobody is gonna care to watch your fights and B: close fights are a coin flip if you leave it to the judges. Either fight to win or go back to the prelims.  

Immaculata site profile image  

2/13/12 7:24 PM by Immaculata

It's a great example of a Half Point system fight. 1st rnd 10-9 for Pierce, 2nd rnd 10-9.5 for Kos, and 3rd rnd 10-9.5 for Pierce.

roscoegrinders site profile image  

2/13/12 7:16 PM by roscoegrinders

 I scored it for kos. But I had bet on him so maybe my opionion was a tad biased

cyberc92 site profile image  

2/13/12 12:06 PM by cyberc92

I thought Peirce won but he should have done more to prove it. It was close and Koscheck was in desperation mode. I dont think Kos will be the fighter he once was since GSP broke his face. He seems real tentative every time he gets hit hard. Matt Hughes was getting loose on him in their fight too.

Absolute29 site profile image  

2/13/12 9:11 AM by Absolute29

Pierce won that fight...

KRoyer site profile image  

2/13/12 8:07 AM by KRoyer

i thought pierce won