Condit: Diaz' attitude came back and bit him in the ass

by Ben Fowlkes | source:

Last week Carlos Condit fell into the crazy world of Nick Diaz.

It began of course when Condit took a unanimous decision over Diaz, who retired on the spot, amidst fans wailng about the decision. Then Condit accepted a rematch, with his new Interim Welterweight title on the line. Then Diaz tested positive for Marijuana, faces suspension for a year, and the bout was off.

In an interview with Ben Fowlkes, Condit relates how it feels to have been dragged into the orbit of Planet Diaz.

"I don't think I need the rematch. I won the fight; I think I'd win a rematch. But the thing about it is, I want to be in big fights, fights where there's a lot of buzz, a lot of people wanting to see the fight, and a rematch with Nick Diaz fits the bill."

"So I called (Dana) ... We talked about the fight a little bit. He said he thought that I won, but at the same time a lot of people were calling for the rematch and it would be a huge fight. The day before I had told my manager that I'd be into a rematch, and I told Dana White the same thing. I said I'm down. Let's just figure out the details and we'll do it."

Then on Tuesday night, White texted Condit again with an urgent message to call. "He tells me that Diaz failed his test."

"I don't care (about marijuana use). The thing about it is, it's something they test for. It's against the Nevada Athletic Commission. I don't really consider it to be a performance-enhancing drug, but the fact is, they're testing for it. And you know they're testing for it. Whatever you do in between camps, if you know they're testing for this stuff then you've got to figure something out. In the past, he's said, 'Oh, I can smoke and I can pass these tests no problem.' That attitude kind of came back and bit him in the ass."

All Condit knows for sure is that, despite the win, he doesn't have that top-of-the-mountain feeling he thought he would after beating Diaz on live TV.

"Honestly, I don't," he said. "It was not as satisfying as it should be, with all this stuff that went on afterward."

"Ultimately, I see Georges St-Pierre as the champion. I'm not satisfied until I fight and beat the champion and I'm the undisputed welterweight champion. That's when I'll be satisfied."

"I could see how it was somewhat of a controversial decision. It was close."

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THE BODY BAG site profile image  

2/14/12 11:11 AM by THE BODY BAG

Diaz's attitude is a big part of why he is such a huge draw, which is why he will always have spot in the sport and collects big pay checks. Not every fan wants to see a couple nice guys giving eachother fist bumps in the middle of a round. Some of us like the heel.

Suess site profile image  

2/14/12 10:08 AM by Suess

 "*yawn* How anyone is a Carlos Condit fan is beyond me." I know, RIGHT?!  he doesn't brag about smoking weed.... he doesn't flick everyone off.... he goes to press conferences.... he doesn't say fuck every other word... and seriously.... only 26 finishes?  what a horrible guy to be a fan of.

MMA Translations site profile image  

2/14/12 3:18 AM by MMA Translations

didn't like the way he fought that fight, but he made me a fan with his words. 

iDaz site profile image  

2/14/12 3:03 AM by iDaz


12SixElbow site profile image  

2/14/12 1:40 AM by 12SixElbow

 *yawn* How anyone is a Carlos Condit fan is beyond me.

rexhavoc site profile image  

2/14/12 1:36 AM by rexhavoc

 Haterade said "at the same time, condit keeps admitting he didnt really win the fight if you read the context" WTF article were you reading? lol. Condit never said he didn't win the fight.

Jared Vergara site profile image  

2/14/12 12:29 AM by Jared Vergara