J-Lo to perform at Super Fight League

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In the mixed martial arts media world, when people refer to J-Lo they are usually talking about UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon (J-Lau). This time, we are really talking about the original J-Lo, Jennifer Lopez, who has been announced to perform at next month's Super Fight League in India:

Just few days after the news of Jennifer Lopez performing at Super Fight League (SFL) inaugural event made headlines, the news is that SFL is in talks with other artists as well to perform the final act of the Mumbai event. Apart from J'Lo, American band LMFAO too has been in talks with Raj Kundra, the founder of SFL.

A source close to SFL says, "We have been in talks with a lot of event companies managing several big artists. After the J'Lo news broke out there have been many offers by other managers as well saying that they too have artists that can perform at the closing ceremony. LMFAO, the American band was one of the prime names that cropped up during the discussions. A thought behind this is the fact that they want it to start off on a glam note with J'Lo and make sure the energy is at its peak even after the fights are over."

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Founded by millionaire sports franchise owner Raj Kundra and the Bollywood start Sanjay Dutt, the promotion's first event, SFL 1, will take place in Mumbai on March 11, 2012. It will feature a main event of James Thompson vs Bob Sapp.

The promotion is striving to define itself as real, and to differentiate itself from professional wrestling. Bob Sapp is thus a puzzling choice for the inagural main event.

The Indain economy is now massive and growing at a far greater pace than it is in the West. Further, while martial arts are popular in India, MMA is now, making possible again the style vs. style match ups that made the sport so intriguing at its birth. The Super Fight League has the potential to eventually make a mark on the entire sport.

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Neil McCauley site profile image  

2/15/12 5:37 PM by Neil McCauley

where are the ass pics?http://pearlschainssafetypins.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/jennifer_lopez_booty_2001.jpg

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

2/15/12 5:35 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

go home J-Lo

AxeKick1 site profile image  

2/15/12 1:39 PM by AxeKick1

I wish I could marry her just so I could use her bare ass as a pillow every night.EVERY NIGHT

slo ko site profile image  

2/15/12 12:13 PM by slo ko

As a follow-up to my previous post...If this India-based promotion is intent on selling this pay per view to Western viewers, then it's a solid move. That would mean very affordable production and on-ground support IN India, where labor is cheap if you're spending American dollars.However, this innagural show is a joke and I wouldn't pay $2 to watch it. I think I speak for a lot of MMA fans.

slo ko site profile image  

2/15/12 12:10 PM by slo ko

Can someone explain the economics of opening a promotion in India?If I'm an American business man, I can see going to India to get cheap labor that serves American production or call-support interests. It means limited overhead for goods and services that are provided to Americans for American dollars. And this is possible because Indians earn pennies on the dollar compared to Americans, as evident by the fact that India is 120 spots below the U.S. in 2011 Gross Domestic Product ratings.But what I can't get my mind around is why a Westerner would take business TO India to sell to Indians? I can't imagine Indians being willing or able to afford tickets and PPV's at the industry standard rates. Does that mean the prices are lowered to make it affordable for the consumer? If so, that doesn't translate to much in Western dollars.I realize gate and PPV don't account for the entirety of a promotion's revenue, but PPV% can be a lucrative incentive for top tier talent, providing it amounts to anything.The only thing I can think of is that the business model is pinning its hopes on some sort of advertising deal that hopefully reaches tens of millions of homes, and offsets the fact that its rupees that are changing hands because of sheer volume.Someone educate me.

GIBB0 site profile image  

2/15/12 1:41 AM by GIBB0


G-Hands site profile image  

2/15/12 12:38 AM by G-Hands

this will work for the indian audience.hopefully they pack the house.

Radio Raheem site profile image  

2/15/12 12:19 AM by Radio Raheem


UGCTT_FryedTakayama site profile image  

2/14/12 12:53 PM by UGCTT_FryedTakayama

This lol

mixedmartialfarts site profile image  

2/14/12 12:49 PM by mixedmartialfarts

 I see what you're saying, but so far the card lacks legitimacy.  If they plan on appealing exclusively to the market in India that's one thing (and one hell of a gamble), but it seems like if they are going to be a real success they are going to have to appeal both inside and outside of India.  Hopefully they find some real opponents for the local guys that will be on the card and don't just ship in cans, otherwise I predict complete disaster.  Sapp is 2-8 in his last 10 fights and it seems that of late he is content to go in, take a few punches and bow out.  Even putting together a decent co-main event would help considerably. Right now it seems they are on the "throw a lot of money at it" path that so many other failed promotions have traveled.