Dana White on Tim Sylvia in the UFC: 'No'

by John Morgan and Steven Marrocco | source: mmajunkie.com

Former UFC Heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia has gone 6-1 since being ignominiously caught early by Ray Mercer in June of 2009. The Mainiac been campaigning to get back into the UFC, most recently in a video post on the Underground, where he expressed his belief he could beat 80% of the current UFC heavyweght roster.


Last night UFC President Dana responded.


"No," White told MMAjunkie.com when asked whether Tim Sylvia could possibly be seen again inside the octagon. "I don't even know what Tim Sylvia's done. The last Tim Sylvia fight I saw, he got knocked out by a boxer. What has he done since then?"

"If you look at when Tim Sylvia was in the heavyweight division, I say it all the time: It's when we had the weakest heavyweight division in the company's history," he said. "Him and Arlovski were knocking each other out every weekend.

"I have no beef with Tim Sylvia or whatever. The guy's out there trying to make a living and doing what he's doing. But for him to make the claim that he could knock out 80 percent of the heavyweights in the UFC, what I just said before says it all."

White went on to discuss Strikeforce's Herschel Walker.

"I talked to Herschel at the last Showtime," White said. "You know I'm very vocal about stuff and I've said stuff about Herschel Walker. My thing that I used to say about Herschel Walker was like, 'This guy is never going to win the heavyweight championship in the UFC.'

"I totally respect the guy ,  the fact that at 50 years old, or however old he is – he's in his 50s, right? – that the guy even came out and competed in mixed martial arts. I'm 42, I can barely get on the f------] treadmill. So for me to talk s--- – the guy is a stud in what he's been able to accomplish.

"But there's no way he could compete in the UFC heavyweight division."

"You've got to get through that little miserable guy that makes the fights," White said, referencing UFC matchmaker Joe Silva. "You get through him and you get in the UFC."

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MezcalMan site profile image  

2/17/12 6:32 PM by MezcalMan

again this bitter old douche is disagreeing with someone!! LOL holy fuck 45 year old virgin, you still post here?

Matt Phillips site profile image  

2/17/12 6:14 PM by Matt Phillips

 Cmon Dana, give the big guy a shot. I know you're lurking! :P

smac3dot0 site profile image  

2/17/12 4:38 PM by smac3dot0

Dana is scared shitless that his former champ might beat a couple of his undercard heavyweights. people say the dumbest things.

Proteus The Invincible site profile image  

2/17/12 3:14 PM by Proteus The Invincible

Dana sounds bitter as hell. If Tim takes things seriously, he deserves to be in the UFC, no doubt.

CindyO site profile image  

2/17/12 2:58 PM by CindyO

 This. Or be a fan favorite. A lot of fans know who Tim is- they just don't care. What he needs to do is find a way to change their perception of him. Knowing how difficult it had to be for Tim to make that video addressing the UG made me feel sorry for the guy and wonder if I have perhaps misjudged him in the past. Or maybe Tim has changed and sees the fans differently. I dunno. But if he doesn't find a way to get the fans on his side he will never even come close to getting back on the roster. Too many things against him, on paper. Cindy

crumbs site profile image  

2/17/12 2:40 PM by crumbs

or you just be a damm good fighter like Diaz,Hendo, Couture, then you can annoy the shit outta the big wigs all you want. Tim and Andre gambled and left, if they had the fan base and performances of Diaz,hendo or couture, they would be in the UFC, regardless of how they left.

valetudosuperfight site profile image  

2/17/12 12:48 PM by valetudosuperfight

Auzzie is a dumbass.Tim the Maniac Sylvia is so popular he was featured in a Squidbillies sketch which is not exactly a show that most MMA people watch. Tim is great for fighting and it explains why he still pulls in the money on the indie circuit. TIm is good for the sport and helped make the HW division what it is today. Let him back in the UFC.Take away Auzzie's keyboard.Justice, for all.

UGCTT_THE Kevin Chandler site profile image  

2/17/12 12:27 PM by UGCTT_THE Kevin Chandler

Can't argue with this.  

sevenwithcheese site profile image  

2/17/12 11:51 AM by sevenwithcheese

According to his own video response he left because the UFC didn't want to give him enough money to resign. He thought he would beat Fedor, then come back to the UFC for more money. He took a risk, and it backfired.  

smac3dot0 site profile image  

2/17/12 11:44 AM by smac3dot0

No wonder Big Country can't get a fight in the UFC! Tim also "waltzed" back into the UFC after being suspended and stripped of the belt for doping.My recollection is also that Tim walked out on the UFC to fight Fedor, something that likely makes it harder for him to get back into the UFC, he's hardly the draw that Couture or BJ are.