Dana White: NSAC inconsistency 'blows my mind'

by John Morgan | source: mmajunkie.com

At the UFC on FUEL post fight press conference, UFC President Dana White expressed frustration with athletic commissions appointing inadequate judges and refereees. But he expressed outrage at what he identiied as biased judgement towards boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and against MMA fighter Chael Sonnen.

"How about the Nevada State Athletic Commission royally kissed Floyd Mayweather's ass when he walked in there," White said. "This guy is going to jail. The judge is allowing him to not go to jail until he has his fight. Right?

White's outrage is due to Floyd Mayweather getting his jail arrival delayed and his license for a May 5 fight, while Chael Sonnen was denied a license by the NSAC to coach on TUF due to a combination of failing a PED test, questions about how forthright his testimony was about same, and a guilty plea to money laundering in connection with mortgage fraud.

"Now Chael Sonnen was not allowed to coach 'The Ultimate Fighter' after he had already paid all his dues with the state and everything else. He had paid all his dues and was ready to go again. He was not allowed to coach 'The Ultimate Fighter.' What do you think? Completely unfair? Totally biased? It's just – I don't deal with the commission."

"Am I the only guy on this f------ planet who thinks that's crazy? Seriously. It just blows my mind."

When asked if he had any idea what might cause the alleged bias, White was wouldn't speculate. "I don't know," White said. "You guys are the reporters. You should probably look into that. I'm not. I don't even know what to say except to just be honest about it and say, 'Holy s---. That's crazy.'"

White further worries that the NSAC will be come down unfairly on Nick Diaz when he has his hearing for testing positive to marijuana for the second time.

"We'll see what happens," White said. "We'll see if inconsistency prevails again."

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Amose site profile image  

2/16/12 5:37 PM by Amose


wisdomseeker76 site profile image  

2/16/12 4:57 PM by wisdomseeker76

It is widely acceptable and even part of American culture to get drunk yell at the kids, kick the dog, and beat your wife. What did Mayweather do wrong? He hits her because he loves her. Bitch better recognize the love being expressed and stop her bitching. Besides his bratty kids probably needed to be yelled at anyway.Now staying in your "hood" after you get rich is just plain crazy. Who does Diaz think he is? Trying to help the kids of his community out? Teach them a better path than joining gangs. All while smoking pot in is spare time. What a jerk. Diaz needs to start drinking, kicking dogs, and beating women. Then maybe he will get some F***ing respect and leniency from the BOXING commission.-Trolling Sarcasm

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

2/16/12 3:53 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

Consistently inconsistent.

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

2/16/12 3:18 PM by LilBrockonmychest

 As was earlier mentioned, I think it's because Chael not only  lied but the fact that he brought Kizer's name up specifically probably f'd him.  It's not so much the Real Estate thing or the failed test but that he would have the nerve to used Kizer as his alibi.

Elias Cepeda site profile image  

2/16/12 3:17 PM by Elias Cepeda

How "little" a felony conviction is, I'm not sure. But why do you say that's what the NSAC was "beefing" with? It very well could have been his banned substance issue, which, again, seems to typically see extended periods where that fighter is not allowed as a cornerman or coach. But if they were taking issue with Sonnen's conviction, his felony conviction could reasonably be seen as more serious than Mayweather's non-felony conviction  

stlnl2 site profile image  

2/16/12 3:09 PM by stlnl2

I agree about white and consistency, but he is referring to when Chael was done with his suspension and the NSAC was beefing about Chael's little problem back in Oregon with the money thing.

Garv site profile image  

2/16/12 3:09 PM by Garv


AristidesBrito site profile image  

2/16/12 3:07 PM by AristidesBrito

He wants to complain about inconsistency with NSAC, well I don't hear him bitching that the UFC is held to different standards than boxing promoters. Imagine Don King wanting to have the Dong King Boxing Championships and you had to fight who he said and could only fight for him.

PJ Benn Fan site profile image  

2/16/12 3:04 PM by PJ Benn Fan

If Dana is all about "fair", why did did Bisping make $275K but Chael made only $70K (35 of which is his win bonus) for their fight? Why does a guy like Bisping, who doesnt have 1 fucking top 10 win make more base pay per fight than Demian Maia, Mark Munoz, and Chael Sonnen combined? Why do Forrest and Rashad get warnings yet Torres gets fired? I mean its okay for Dana too criticize. In fact I would encourage it if not for the fact he himself partakes in unfair treatment of the same guys hes now claiming are being treated poorly!. Putting that aside, Floyd Mayweather is just more important.

epwar site profile image  

2/16/12 3:00 PM by epwar