Diaz had the option to apply for a therapeautic exemption for marijuana

by Elias Cepeda | source: cagepotato.com

According to Kizer, though, Diaz had another option: coming to the NSAC weeks before fighting and applying for a therapeutic exemption for his marijuana use.

Given that Diaz’ coach and manager, Cesar Gracie, has made a point of saying that Diaz has a legal right to use marijuana in California since a doctor prescribed it to him, one would have expected Diaz to have applied for the exemption with the commission.

But that did not happen Kizer explains, as no one from Diaz’ camp has ever attempted to explain any mitigating circumstances to him about the fighter’s marijuana use or tried to contextualize it to attempt for Nick to granted a therapeutic exemption. “I have no idea what [Diaz’s] marijuana situation is,” Kizer told CagePotato on Thursday. “No one from his camp has ever come to me or the commission and tried to explain it.”

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HexRei site profile image  

2/22/12 11:13 PM by HexRei

Yah, but Chael never went through puberty :(

Lucas Maximus site profile image  

2/22/12 11:09 PM by Lucas Maximus

 So Diaz has to get his Therapeutic Use Exemption for his next fight after his suspension- is that what happened to Chaelo "the best fighter in the world" Sonnen?

H Bomb site profile image  

2/20/12 8:52 PM by H Bomb

lol. its funny how diaz fans are pointing the finger at kizer when its up to diaz and his "team" to take care of this stuff.its called responsibility. when certain kids on here get old enough and hopefully move out of mom and dads place they will have a better understanding of that word.

NICK DIAZ GOAT site profile image  

2/20/12 8:20 PM by NICK DIAZ GOAT

Diaz =GOAT

ufcman187 site profile image  

2/20/12 6:16 PM by ufcman187

Well answered. I fold lol

zedlepln site profile image  

2/20/12 9:56 AM by zedlepln

I haven't stated my opinion on medical marijuana. We may very well not disagree. In any case, I'm sure Elias is happy we keep bumping his thread. He's a good writer and was missed for a while here on the UG, so I'm happy to have an excuse to keep his piece near the top. It's a lot more interesting this way than just TTTing it.

ufcman187 site profile image  

2/20/12 6:05 AM by ufcman187

Are you that in love with Diaz that you went through and spent an hour breaking down a half drunk mans random opinions on a piece of shit? I do hate Diaz, I did make it all about him, and still don't think there is any reason marijuana should be accepted. You chose to pick through my last novel so I thank you for reading it. I should inform you that when I was refering to him having cancer etc. I was listing reasons why weed is prescribed. I think we all know he is healthy and has no real issues that need weed to cure. well, I have to go to work. feel free to pick through all the holes in this post and have fun using your 5 dollar words to make me try and give a shit. also, we disagreed on the medical marijuana

BlueDream site profile image  

2/19/12 9:18 PM by BlueDream

Please tell me what fact you stated? Please show me some proof that Keith COULD NOT have issued a waiver off a CA Medical MJ license? You stated no facts and are throwing out words like reciprocity that have nothing to do with an AC's ability to issue a WAIVER. They are not law enforcement.

zedlepln site profile image  

2/19/12 9:10 PM by zedlepln

What are we disagreeing on, by the way?

zedlepln site profile image  

2/19/12 9:09 PM by zedlepln

By all means, care less, then. Caring less might even help you let go of this unhealthy preoccupation with Nick Diaz. The irony, of course, is that you have done your damdest to make the thread about Nick.