TUF 15: Cruz vs. Faber promo

source: ufc.com

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Glovegate site profile image  

2/23/12 11:32 AM by Glovegate

Yup. It's like the UFC wants events and shows to fail sometimes. They look at Sonnen vs Vitor and they say nah, we think Cruz vs Faber is better.They do everything they can to avoid decisions and then they add a 125 lb division.They're struggling to grab the Fox audience and then they do Rashad v Davis, Sonnen v Munoz and Bisping v Maia and then later Sonnen v Bisping and Maia v Weidman. Every single one of those fights has decision written all over it.UFC, Y U NO TRY EXCITE?

Man of Action site profile image  

2/23/12 11:00 AM by Man of Action

Cruz is way better. To me, hes #3 p4p NOT aldo. You dont need finishes 2 b pfp...ask gsp.

KimboByGhettoplex site profile image  

2/20/12 1:58 PM by KimboByGhettoplex

Cruz landed the bigger shots but looked "rocked" several times because he was hit while moving, whereas Faber stood there and absorbed what Cruz fed him.Cruz > Faber all day, every day.

featherstone site profile image  

2/20/12 12:58 PM by featherstone

The Detroit SUPERSTAR!

bshaw1979 site profile image  

2/18/12 4:55 PM by bshaw1979

Daron Cruickshank for the win this season...

HITFC site profile image  

2/18/12 4:17 PM by HITFC

Cant stand Faber and dont see Cruz creating much excitement this season....prolly worst season ever.

Man of Action site profile image  

2/18/12 4:16 AM by Man of Action

Love both, but cruz is superior in every single way, both physically and skillfully except bjj. Speaking of bad memory, cruz got rocked once, the other 2 times he was off balance. Faber got hurt multiple times but had a better poker face. Cruz beat faber with broken ribs and a dislocated kneecap.