Big Nog: Brazilians can't win a close fight in UFC


In an interview with Brazilian media giant OGlobo, Antonio Rodrigo 'Big Nog' Nogueira discusses what he feels is a US vs. Brazil rivalry, with the judges perhaps biased towards US fighters.

"Americans have a rivalry with Brazilians, that is obvious. And why is that? It’s because the UFC has three hundred fighters under contract, and from those three hundred fighters we are fifty. The Brazilians are fifty, and we have more belts than they do."

"So from three hundred we are fifty, and with those fifty we get there and take care of business. They win (more) because they have more (people), they have a bigger infrastructure inside their gyms, they have support for the sport since they’re kids. But the sport is growing in Brazil and I believe that..."

"They look at us with (malicious) eyes, let’s say it like that. If you’re going to fight an American in the US you have to win the fight with emphasis because otherwise… You can’t win it by a thin margin."

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Recent Comments »

fightharder site profile image  

2/24/12 11:03 AM by fightharder

Kind of redundant. Because the UFC obviously ''protects'' their Brazilian fighter more blatantly (or just as depending on how you chose to asses the situation) when there fighting in Brazil (or are needed there). Belfort would have probably won the fight against Johnson but those stand-up calls where frankly more then a little suspect.I do think judges in the States incredible biased when it comes to wrestling. So you might argue,since this is mostly a discipline dominated by American,that there more pro American by default. But in Brazil it will probably be the other way around (perhaps even more blatantly so) so he is kind of stating something obvious which would be a problem in any country and making it specifically about only his ''direct'' interest.Anyways i want to see Big Nog against Barnett...any takers?

Smith1234 site profile image  

2/24/12 9:16 AM by Smith1234

As the third post on the thread, I was half expecting to get crucified for questioning Nog. Glad to see this place can still shoot straight at times.

Onnie804yamsaki site profile image  

2/24/12 8:54 AM by Onnie804yamsaki

Regardless of wether he meant judges or citizens its a loopy statement.

bhealthy site profile image  

2/24/12 8:39 AM by bhealthy

judges mustve thought brandon vera was brazilian against handy.

Jaybrone site profile image  

2/24/12 5:08 AM by Jaybrone

I love the guy as a fighter but him and a lot of the blackhouse guys need to STFU and stop making lame excuses everytime one of them lose a fight.

Huilo_95 site profile image  

2/24/12 4:15 AM by Huilo_95

Didn't he beat Randy? Aka Cpt. America?

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

2/24/12 4:10 AM by Jons Forsberg

not unlike americans that depends on whether they are casual or hardcore fans. There are many brazilian fans that were rooting for Fedor against Bigfoot and Werdum, etc. The casual fans are the ones who chant "USA" and boo foreign fighters in Brazil.

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

2/24/12 3:58 AM by Jons Forsberg

orcus is brazilian?

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

2/24/12 3:54 AM by Jons Forsberg

if you guys don't think american judges at an american sporting event are biased towards american fighters then I have a bridge I want to sell you.On the other hand, refs and judges help brazilians a lot on brazilian shows. Vitor vs Anthony Johnson is a clear example.

Barragan site profile image  

2/23/12 10:19 PM by Barragan

Judging in MMA is poor. Quite often the 'wrong' person wins the decision, I suspect Nog sees this with Brazilian fighters and attributes the result to nationalistic tendencies as opposed to the universally poor judging. He fails to realise that American fighters are equally robbed by the judges as are Japanese, British, Canadian and all other fighters of different nationalities. Secondly as a Brazilian, Nog has bias for his own nationality. A close fight in his eyes will ALWAYS go to the Brazilian. He is no where near as impartial as he may believe. When a fight it close, all fans lean towards their preferred fighter.Big Nog is a legend, but he is becoming a bit bitter and biased. Disappointing to see him saying this.