Mark Hunt: 'I want my little black monkey face on the poster'

by John Morgan and Steven Marrocco | source:

Mark Hunt debuted in the UFC, after losing five in a row in PRIDE and K-1, due to a contractual obligation inucurred when the world's premier MMA organization bought its number one rival - PRIDE FC. Then he lost his debut, to Sean McCorkle, who has since been released.

However, Hunt is now on a two-fight streak, over Chris Tuchscherer (spectacular) and Ben Rothwell (not spectacular) and now faces gatekeeper Cheick Kongo this Saturday at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan, on the seven-fight main card airing live on pay-per-view.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Hunt covered a range of topics, starting with how he got there:

"I feel I'm one of the best fighters on the planet," Hunt said. "Why do I have to explain myself for being a part of the UFC? Every time, people say, 'You just got your deal because of the contract.' I got my deal because I'm talented. C'mon.

"I've been fighting for a long time. I deserve a little bit of respect. But it is what it is, and that's the way it is, and I just say no comment now, so when it gets brought up, I don't have to talk about it, blah-blah-blah. At the end of the day, what are they going to say, anyway?

"So, no comment."

Hunt does however offer comment about his absence from the fight poster.

"I still don't know why I'm not on the poster," he said.

"I'm not complaining or nothing – it's just, wait a minute, I'm third from the end and I don't get my little black monkey face on the poster? Just a little picture. Just on the corner or something."

So what does Hunt want?

"Of course, the long-term goal is to fight for the belt," Hunt said. "But it goes as always for me that I want big money. We've all got to eat. There's no questions on why I do it. I love fighting and everything, but we've all got to have a job. I'll fight as long as people employ me to do it."

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rockwell site profile image  

2/25/12 12:17 AM by rockwell

 In NZ and Australia Aboriginals and Pacific Islanders often get called black. Like in Angry Boys you have Daniel and Black Daniel. It's not a big deal.

Sprawl'n'Stall site profile image  

2/24/12 5:31 PM by Sprawl'n'Stall

Yep. And thanks to this thread I know the fight is happening. I had no idea he was on the card, or Kongo.

brahmabull81 site profile image  

2/24/12 5:27 PM by brahmabull81

Hunt always comes across so crazy in his interviews and such. Seems like the kind of guy thats waiting to snap and saw people up or something. I love it.People think Paul Harris is crazy but i think Hunt would out-psycho him.

thirdleg site profile image  

2/24/12 5:23 PM by thirdleg

Pork Sword is correct

nobones site profile image  

2/24/12 5:20 PM by nobones

That's racialism bro...I love to racialism!

Samoa site profile image  

2/24/12 4:31 PM by Samoa

Hunt is Maori?

OiKing site profile image  

2/24/12 3:36 PM by OiKing

Maori's refer to themselves as black.

TUF site profile image  

2/24/12 3:27 PM by TUF


Soup Nazi site profile image  

2/24/12 2:59 PM by Soup Nazi


MoBeffah site profile image  

2/24/12 1:15 PM by MoBeffah

Lol @ "pork sword". No, just the name.