White: I don't give a f--- what the culinary union thinks

by Ariel Helwani | source: mmafighting.com


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Macedawgg site profile image  

2/25/12 6:40 PM by Macedawgg

The UFC is a sport--or it is American Idol. The UFC isn't controlling anything. Fighters than win and progress, make the televised portion. Your comments regarding Major League Baseball sponsors simply make no sense. The little icon on jerseys and hats--players get 51% of all sales revenue containing that logo. So yes, the players are getting paid to wear the sponsor.

Damasta Shonuff site profile image  

2/25/12 5:32 PM by Damasta Shonuff

The guy I was responding to was crying that the UFC is forcing fighters to live in trailer parks. When discussing how that is a bullshit statement, I brought up how much money they make to show that they arent making "below poverty" money which would force them to live in that environment. Saying the fighters dont make enough based on just the salary the UFC pays while refusing to consider sponsors and bonuses is illogical when those bonuses and sponsors are worth more than the salary.As for your comparison to MMA sponsors and MBL sponsorship, those are indeed two separate situations. Jeter doesnt wear CONDOMDEPOT on the ass of his jersey while playing. UFC fighters are paid to advertise for their sponsors. When the UFC puts a fighter on the televised portion, the fighter makes more money. So the UFC is a controlling factor in the sponsorships due to if they put you on tv, you make more money (they also decide what sponsors are allowed). If you think the UFC isnt a deciding factor in sponsorships, then explain how fighters in non-UFC orgs get alot less from sponsors. Its because of the ppv/tv outlet the UFC provides. I know people hate the UFC, they hate Dana, but at some point logic dictates that you have to acknowledge fighters are making money thanks to the UFC and the opportunities it provides.

Macedawgg site profile image  

2/25/12 3:20 AM by Macedawgg

No one said sponsorships were worthless--they said they are irrelevant as to what the UFC pays. The UFC also gets sponsors--worth many millions of dollars. Do the fighters get cuts of that? Do the New York Yankees pay Jeter less because he gets outside endorsement opportunities? The whole concept that outside sponsors should be counted as promotional compensation is straight from "American Idol" and has nothing to do with a professional athlete.

Damasta Shonuff site profile image  

2/25/12 3:02 AM by Damasta Shonuff

Hey fucking moron, before you start saying people are "fucking stupid", maybe you should learn to quote them correctly before you start flapping your dickholster. I never mentioned Brock at all. I never said the UFC forced anyone to live in trailers. I said the opposite you stupid asshole. I said people like Guida live in his van because he chooses to. Not cause he is forced to do it out of necessity.Lets get down to it, start naming UFC fighters that live in trailer homes. I want to see you tell us names of the fighters that are so poor they have to live in trailer homes because they cant afford anything better.I am not going to go into depth and debate the sponsor and ppv cuts with you because you are obviously biased and retarded and just looking for something to cry about. GSP already came forward and said how much of a ppv cut he got. Overeems cut was recently revealed during the GG disagreement. Multiple UFC fighters have come forward on these very forums and said exactly how much sponsorship money they got and it was more than their salary. You claiming sponsorships are worthless shows you dont even follow the semantics of MMA.

MPA site profile image  

2/24/12 7:51 PM by MPA

You are fucking stupid. What do you mean "forced"? AS if the UFC showed up with a bunch of guys and forced the fighters to live in trailers or vans?They live that way because they are like the people who move to Hollywood to land that big acting role, and become poor and possibly homeless.There is just no debate that boxers kill MMA fighter in the pocket book. You show Brock Lesnar's 500K? whoop de doo. Did you see how much Vitali just won? What did Floyd make in his last bout?$500k to Floyd is freaking a fireplace starter.Not only that you keep regurgitating the same crap that the MMA cronie writers do about PPV cuts and sponsors.Firstly, show us the PPV cuts? What you don't have that information?, Gee why not? Secondly, the sponsors have nothing to do with the salary, that is something that they have going on with a 3rd party.That is if they have anything worth offereing.So a veteran MMA fighter making $20k per fight may get .008% of the cut. Or 25%?Oh wait we don't know, because it is all just speculation right?

willyboy site profile image  

2/24/12 2:32 PM by willyboy

where are the ppv cut totals for the main event guys do they include the good will knock out/finish bonus that dana hands out??(not the 'of the night' bonus)  

Yougottawanna site profile image  

2/24/12 2:10 PM by Yougottawanna

Numbers are less useful without context. That entire payroll adds up to $1,140,500. 143 is thought to have done around 400,000 buys. At $45 per, that's $18 million in ppv revenue alone. Let's say the UFC gets half that, and I would guess they get more than half. 12.7% of PPV revenue going to the fighters. And that's just PPV revenue, it doesn't include gate, merchandising, sponsorship, or licensing for video games and such.In major unionized sports, you see 40% or more of TOTAL revenue going to the athletes. There's a major and obvious gap.

Damasta Shonuff site profile image  

2/24/12 1:41 PM by Damasta Shonuff

Yeah but he does it by choice. I made sure I said "forced" into trailer parks vs some of the quirky lifestyles that fighters choose to be in. ;)

willyboy site profile image  

2/24/12 1:30 PM by willyboy

 seem fair to everybody??

fightharder site profile image  

2/24/12 11:14 AM by fightharder

This is getting slightly silly. What kind of knowledge do these people have about professional fighting in general and mix martial arts specifically.It is all well and good to say that some point there making might be considered ''fair'' at sight value. But it is not so much the rules( flowing from these rights) themselves that might cause problems but the way the will be interpreted combined with the consequences the might have (SOPA anybody?).That being said,this whole debate should be held by people who are actually knowledge about the sport and have an interest in it. The culinary union is not a party to the world of MMA.The should focus on their area of expertise (representing culinary workers ) and stop blatantly trying to discredit the Fertitta's because the cannot seem to manage using legal means.And i am not judging whether the situation at the Station casino's is fair or not for culinary workers (they might have very fair arguments) but how the hell does that relate to the situation in MMA (UFC specifically).Why the hell are members of this union not voting these silly people out and get some people who will be busy with representing there direct interest instead of going on some personal vendetta (because this obviously became personal...aka not in the direct interest of the union members,a long time ago).