Curious images from Legacy FC weigh ins


At the weigh ins for HDNet’s Legacy Fighting Championship 10 in Houston, TX, middleweight prelim fighter Patrick Hutton looked unmistakably ... different. Hutton appears to have Gynecomastia, or growth of breast tissue in men.

There are multiple causes for the condition, although when it appears in a professional athlete, there is generally the assumption that one possible explanation is a side effect from steroid abuse. Gynecomastia can only be removed with surgery.




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Ayatolla of Rock and Rolla site profile image  

2/25/12 10:27 AM by Ayatolla of Rock and Rolla

Bitch tits lost North South arm triangle choke in the first round

Ew0k187 site profile image  

2/25/12 4:39 AM by Ew0k187

Ew0k187 site profile image  

2/25/12 4:39 AM by Ew0k187

56sav site profile image  

2/25/12 3:46 AM by 56sav

Holy gyno batman!Someone forgot to take Nolva with their cycle. That's as bad as Zach Light when he fought Pete Spratt! I don't know how someone could go shirtless in public like that.

Authority Figure site profile image  

2/24/12 11:41 PM by Authority Figure

Pure idiocy.

EnderTL site profile image  

2/24/12 11:06 PM by EnderTL

Anyone with half a brain realizes that wouldn't be worth it.

inf0 site profile image  

2/24/12 11:05 PM by inf0

 stay off the sauce if you can't do it right

Ayatolla of Rock and Rolla site profile image  

2/24/12 10:59 PM by Ayatolla of Rock and Rolla

The opponent (the fighter without bitch tits) is my old BJJ coach Bubba Bush.

r_o_y site profile image  

2/24/12 10:24 PM by r_o_y

i know i'm just wondering how the kid didn't pop him for that though. i know he had to be itching to do it...

McMaz site profile image  

2/24/12 8:25 PM by McMaz

That's Rampage and "Titties" from TUF.