Bader: I want this, does Rampage?

source: fueltv

"You know, he came in pretty heavy. It wasn't just a few pounds, you know? So it is what it is really. I'm not going to sit and dwell about it. I came all the way to Japan, I didn't come here to question somebody and go home. I came here to fight and to fight Rampage, so that's what we're gonna do. I took the fight, and we're gonna fight."

"Long flight. I trained my butt off,went through a great camp. I feel ready now and now's the time to go out there and win. Just had to talk it over a little bit and we took the fight immediately. There was no time we were ever saying we weren't going to take it."

"You question, did he really take it that seriously? I'll look back and see if he ever missed weight before. I don't know if he has. But it kind of puts that in my mind. I want this. Does he?"

"I realy don't care if he made weight, that's all on him."


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ShadoKhan site profile image  

2/25/12 8:19 PM by ShadoKhan


BrianStannFan site profile image  

2/25/12 8:07 PM by BrianStannFan

 ^^ not sure how you count reasons by the rack or the rib?

Ensanity site profile image  

2/25/12 8:00 PM by Ensanity


ChaosOverkill site profile image  

2/25/12 7:40 PM by ChaosOverkill

Rampage is worn out and having a mid life crisis. Its natural for someone in this game and having the rough life before it that he did.

H Bomb site profile image  

2/25/12 7:33 PM by H Bomb

i really hope there is a serious reason why he would be so overweight. i would hate to think rampage didnt take his return to japan or bader serious enough to make weight. Really thought rampage had a good chance to stifle baders takedowns and clinch early and inflict some punishment on him.

UGCTT_BlahBreh site profile image  

2/25/12 5:27 PM by UGCTT_BlahBreh

oh man huge difference.

dashamas3000 site profile image  

2/25/12 4:50 PM by dashamas3000

I, for one, am glad that there is no uproar. Bader's game, smiling and confident. If he doesn't mind then no one else should.

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

2/25/12 3:56 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

Kind of funny that the other day for Danas blog, he was talking to Page, and tapped him in the stomach, and said something like "how much are you weighing" to Rampage, and Rampage was like "You dont even wanna know, you dont even wanna know", and kind of gave a laugh. I saw it, and was like he cant be coming in over weight, not for this fight, and he did.

w9 site profile image  

2/25/12 3:19 PM by w9

lol, Page by whatever he wants.