FightMetric supports Henderson decision


There is an old rule in boxing (like most rules in boxing it is broken these days, even dead) that says to take the crown as the baddest man on the planet - the world heavyweight boxing champion - you have to beat the champion by knockout. The rule does not apply, but when a title changes hands in a close decision, there is bound to be controversy.

For example, last night at UFC 144 Benson Henderson beat Frankie Edgar for the UFC Lightweight championship by a decision close enough for UFC President Dana White to say publicly that he thought Edgar won.

However, the analysis done by FightMetric shows that the right man won.



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twodragunns site profile image  

2/27/12 11:43 PM by twodragunns

 I've watched this fight 5 times at least and I firmly believe that Bendo won this fight, but it certainly was a close fight ..... I've seen closer fight before though. I think Frankie is gonna drop down to FW because he's been given a guaranteed title shot with Aldo. Sticking around the LW division and having to claw his way back for a shot @ his former chmpionship would be wasting valuable time. With mma career's being fairly short I think he's gonna drop down and make a bunch of noise in the FW division and has a very good chance of beating Aldo with his speed, footwork, and champions heart.

Chiron site profile image  

2/27/12 7:32 PM by Chiron

Compustrike isn't computer generated anymore than FightMetric is. The guy you quoted has no idea what he's talking about. Compustrike is an adaptation of Compubox which has been used in boxing since the 80's. Compustrike was adapted for MMA. The way it works is an operator has a proprietary keyboard that has keys for different types of strikes and when the operator perceives that a strike of a given type occurs they hit the appopriate key. The program tallies them up and they post the results of that tally on the website. It really has no significant difference with FightMetric. Both rely on the perception of the operators to count moves relative to scoring.

Chiron site profile image  

2/27/12 7:18 PM by Chiron

I'd agree with you but the pointfighting apologists disagree. To proponents of that sad distortion of MMA the only things that matter are how many times you touch the opponent, takedown attempts, and how long you can hold the opponent, however meaningless it may end up being. Landing harder shots, doing clear damage, rocking the opponent, threatening, sub attempts...none of those matter to the pointfighting apologist.

Chiron site profile image  

2/27/12 7:13 PM by Chiron

I don't get why people are trying to use Compustrike to defend Edgar when even Compustrike says Edgar landed a whopping 10 more strikes but also says Henderson was more effective with his landed strikes. If Henderson's strikes were more effective, as every bit of evidence has shown, then surely that easily makes up the difference in the 10 strike deficit.Who landed more is debatable. Who landed more quality isn't as everything, from Edgar's eye and nose to his holding on for dear life at the end of the 2nd round after geting knocked down, has shown. It wasn't a domination but Henderson was the clear winner by everything meaningful. To pretend otherwise is to be manipulated by the very things that have distorted what matters most in fighting and the spirit and point of this sport.

HexRei site profile image  

2/26/12 7:22 PM by HexRei

What's stopping you? Sheer laziness?

erikmfx site profile image  

2/26/12 7:07 PM by erikmfx

I'd like to see that fight matrix broken down round by round rather than totals. Also, takedowns and grappling per round.

nnwourgeet site profile image  

2/26/12 4:39 PM by nnwourgeet

Fight metric and compustrike are fun, but they suck and are almost always inaccurate. Those stats the UFC has been calling out the last couple of events are a silly distraction, and usually largely irrelevant to what is happening in the fight. Why compare the number of strikes for each guy when the fight has been on the ground the whole time?I used to count us lucky that the UFC was not leaning on live punch stats during the fights. I fear that the heavier use of these questionable and mostly irrelevant stats will lead to the people thinking that the judging can be done through the numbers instead of actually watching the fight.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

2/26/12 4:06 PM by Chimonos Revenge

lol at you.

R0CK0 site profile image  

2/26/12 3:51 PM by R0CK0

look at their faces, that tells the story. Frankie may have hit Bendo almost as much but there was not much on the strikes, except for the one that dropped him which Bendo equaled with the upkick

tamothyy site profile image  

2/26/12 3:29 PM by tamothyy

I have no idea how anyone thinks Frankie won. At the end of the fight, Ben looked like he literally just entered the cage. Little to no cuts or scratches on his face, and cardio for days leftover. I gave Ben at least 3 of those rounds.