Never hold up traffic with Phil Baroni in the car behind you


When Phil Baroni is stuck in traffic, he's the 'best evah' at slamming someone's keys into their trunk. LayzieTheSavage was cruising with Phil Baroni in Las Vegas and managed capture the end result of someone holding up traffic when Phil Baroni is behind the wheel.


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mixedmartialmike site profile image  

2/28/12 5:09 PM by mixedmartialmike

that's the most Phil has ever ran I think.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

2/28/12 2:48 PM by DoomFarmer

Lots of analingus going on in here

1fletch site profile image  

2/28/12 2:07 PM by 1fletch

You would approve of this tomfoolery."WHOLE.... 'NOTHER..... LEVEL (girl-friend!)"

Jason Chambers site profile image  

2/28/12 1:53 PM by Jason Chambers

Except that you can open nearly all trunks from the backseat as a safety precaution.

Tweener site profile image  

2/28/12 1:32 PM by Tweener

So sad to see a grown man feel the need to act 12. One can only hope you have no children.

CaptChaos site profile image  

2/28/12 1:03 PM by CaptChaos

My Dda told me when I was young... try not to say anything about someone that you wouldn't say to their face. I highly doubt any of you would say what you aresaying to Phil's face. And this has nothing to do with the fact that he can fight and you can't (as well.) Most just wouldn't have the guts!

CaptChaos site profile image  

2/28/12 1:00 PM by CaptChaos

How many of you think Phil did something really wrong here?OK now how many of the same people are Bas Rutten fans? If you are then there is certainly a double standard. I like Bas but Bas did some messed up stuff/pranks in his life. Did anyone hear about the time he was in the back of a cab and pissed on the cab driver? He literally pissed on him! That pales in comparison to what Baroni did. Some of you will find a way to justify liking Bas but still not like Phil.I'm just saying it really wasn't a big deal at all... Me and my friends have messed with our share of cab drivers but they have messed with us too. It's all in good fun...Plus I like fighters for the most part because of the way they fight. I don't know many of them personally and neither do most of you. You may not like Baroni but he has balls and I think a lot of the haters (whether you wanna admit it or not) wish you could be on his level with some parts of his life!

Average site profile image  

2/28/12 11:39 AM by Average

wow, now this entire episode really sucked. he played a prank that was... erm.. no prank? He made him go back to the driver seat to unpop his trunk, WOW hahahaha so funny hahahahaha extreme!!! Badass yo, the best ever yyhaaaa!!!!

DoomFarmer site profile image  

2/28/12 11:20 AM by DoomFarmer

Squeeze the shaft while you suck the balls.