Nogueira already back to training; ahead of schedule


What was supposed to be a light workout and press conference Monday became the Brazilian heavyweight’s official return to training following mid-December surgery to repair a broken right arm. “Minotauro” wasn’t expected to resume workouts until June, but this afternoon at the Team Nogueira training center, he put on gloves and training gear to spar with teammate Diego Braga.

“I felt great. I was longing to train. I was just going to show some ‘shadow’ training, but I couldn’t stand it,” said Nogueira, admitting that he isn’t yet ready to train at 100 percent. “I still need about three weeks of physical therapy [and] to hone my boxing with coach Erivan [Conceicao], and then, later, I’ll call Master [Ricardo] de la Riva and start training jiu-jitsu. I think I’m back in a month.”

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Fedors Jim Jams site profile image  

2/29/12 1:25 AM by Fedors Jim Jams

unfortunately this is pretty much true. once a guy beats you twice, then thats pretty much it.unless they are neck and neck for a title shot and there are no other possible fights due to scheduling... then its just tough luck for nog. Mir is a great figher though, so no shame in those loses.

BlueDream site profile image  

2/29/12 1:21 AM by BlueDream

Mir took his soul twice, no reason to ever have a 3rd fight

Mark Hunter site profile image  

2/29/12 1:20 AM by Mark Hunter

In their last fight, he was clearly outstriking Mir . . . and by a pretty comfortable margin. It would seem to me that any notion that he can't strike with Mir would be long outdated. I say, let him have a fight or two and, if he wins, make Mir v. Big Nog III. He should have to get one or two wins under his belt first, though. In the end, there'll be fan interest in the fight.

Fedors Jim Jams site profile image  

2/29/12 1:15 AM by Fedors Jim Jams

war big nog

Groove Holmes site profile image  

2/29/12 1:00 AM by Groove Holmes

Hard. As. Fuck.

AbbeyRoadMe site profile image  

2/28/12 12:48 PM by AbbeyRoadMe

I respect this guy so much. Has accomplished so much in his career and still had the desire to get in the cage and fight. And since the Cain loss, (when many people thought he should consider retirement) he's looked really good. He came very close to finishing Mir.

jds13 site profile image  

2/28/12 12:39 PM by jds13

So glad to hear this! Nog was looking great before he made the mistake of trying to submit Mir. I don't care who he fights, I will always be a fan of Big Nog.

fightharder site profile image  

2/28/12 11:42 AM by fightharder

Absolute legend.However,i have zero interest in seeing a rematch with Mir.Mir showed that both his stand-up (more powerful) and his ground skills are currently at a level about big Nog's. Perhaps Big Nog style just makes his really susceptible for Mir but if you get beaten by someone twice,convincingly,it should be the end of things.I like to see him fight Josh again (if he loses against Cormier that is). Another big Nog Fedor fight would be nice as well though that probably will never happen.Perhaps even a fight against fan favorite Roy Nelson.I am just not very interested in seeing him fight against big guys,who also have ground-skills. Though i think he is still a great fighter everybody has to admit that he is past his prime. No shame in that but i rather see him fight entertaining fights then getting demolished.

French Fries Malone site profile image  

2/28/12 10:03 AM by French Fries Malone

awesome!I was hoping he would keep on punching frank in his face instead of grappling with zombie mir

ChangoBravo site profile image  

2/28/12 8:48 AM by ChangoBravo

+1That's Right!!Chango