Alves: I'm going to break Kampmann, whereever it goes

by Damon Martin | source:

Thiago Alves who faces Martin Kampmann in the main event of UFC on FX 2, was recently interviewed by MMAWeekly Radio.

“The Thiago Alves that fought GSP was not prepared to fight at that level at all," said Alves. "I beat all the guys, I earned the title shot, not like most of the people that fought for the title that fought one guy. I actually cleaned out the welterweight division except (Jon) Fitch. But for that fight I didn’t prepare myself well, mentally I wasn’t prepared for that kind of pressure. The magnitude of the show."

“That was part of the process. I know my future’s going to be beautiful; it’s going to be bright. It was just part of the process to get to that state of mind that I have right now. Everything changed in my life. I live just for the fight.”

“Being a fighter, it just doesn’t stop the clock. It’s 24/7. It’s the way you carry yourself throughout the world, throughout life while in this business, and I learned that. I’m a fighter 24/7 and I’m loving every second."

“I know I’ve got the power and explosion advantage. We’re going to try and break Martin Kampmann."

“It doesn’t matter where the fight goes. It’s going to be my fight. I’m very concerned with what I’m going to do to him. I’m going to try to break him whether it’s in the stand-up or on the ground. I have all the respect in the world for Martin Kampmann and his camp, but I truly believe that I’m going to break him, it doesn’t matter where the fight goes.”

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Doem site profile image  

2/29/12 1:18 AM by Doem

double post

Doem site profile image  

2/29/12 1:14 AM by Doem

Kapman reminds me of Hansenlots of skills, tons of polish but has a tough time imposing his will on his opponent.

Willin site profile image  

2/28/12 1:41 PM by Willin

 Hopefully this fight will produce some excellent GIFs! WAR KAMPMANN!

fightharder site profile image  

2/28/12 12:45 PM by fightharder

This is going to be a freaking awesome fight. Two of my favorite fighters to watch. I personally believe Kampmann has all the skills to win but unfortunately he probably end up using the wrong game-plan again. It sometimes amazes me how difficult he makes fights for himself by playing into opponents strengths (while he does not necessarily start out that way in the majority of his fights). I do not know if this is because he has true warrior spirit and wants to ''beat'' fighters at their own game or if he just makes bad choices in fights.So it probable end up going to Alves.Which would be cool because it will be by mutual destruction,in a technical sound manner. And i personally do not have problem with Pittbull getting a W and raking up wins for another shot at the title. But in the end i think Kampmann is the fighter with the most potential and i do hope he will not limit himself with bad choices this time around.Shit...this is pretty much the same as Chris Power said....sorry Chris i just tend to blabbering away.Much props to you for the eloquent and pleasantly short break down of the fight.

jpm995 site profile image  

2/28/12 12:32 PM by jpm995

This has the earmarks of being a standup war. Alves should get a HL reel KO, he's just too powerful for Kampman.

InYourMomaCloset site profile image  

2/28/12 12:21 PM by InYourMomaCloset

 Alves says that before almost every fight. "This is a new Thiago you've never seen before. I'm going to become everything I've dreamed of. I've changed my lifestyle and now I'm a true fighter in every way". ?? I'll believe it when I see it. Don't get me wrong; wicked fighter. One of my favorite. But he was very mediocre against fitch (no. 2), lackluster against Story, KO'd the newcomer Abedi, which doesn't tell us very much at all. Whatever about him winning or losing, his performance against Kampmann will tell the real story. I always love watching him fight though. Win/loose or draw is his past fights, I always look forward to Alves bouts with plenty anticipation.  

Immaculata site profile image  

2/28/12 12:20 PM by Immaculata

Kampmann has got just a good of a shot to winning this as Alves. It's going to be a good fight. I hope Alves makes weight.

bostonsboy site profile image  

2/28/12 12:10 PM by bostonsboy

Very accurate

Chris Power site profile image  

2/28/12 12:00 PM by Chris Power

 I think a lot of how this fight goes is going to be dictated by how Kampmann wants to fight - I think on the feet Alves has a pronounced power advantage while still having comparable or better striking, however on the ground I feel like Kampmann's better in the scramble. Alves does have a very tight, defensive guard though so it'll be hard for Martin to open up with anything. I think this one goes to a decision - gun to my head I'm going with Alves, largely because I think Kampmann is often far too willing to fight to his opponent's fight instead of trying to force a fight that benefits his OWN strengths, but if Kampmann beats him I wouldn't be surprised by any stretch.  

Hansumboy site profile image  

2/28/12 11:56 AM by Hansumboy

Judging by Kampmans past his gameplan in this fight will probably be to trade leg kicks with Alves for 3 rounds.