Tim Sylvia: I busted my a-- for the UFC for years

by Jonathan Snowden | source: bleacherreport.com

The sport of MMA, like boxing before it, eats its own.

Ask Tim Sylvia, the former UFC heavyweight champion who wants so desperately to return to the Octagon that it makes me hurt for him.

"I'm sick and tired of watching a bunch of bums fight in the UFC," the 35-year old Sylvia said. "Guys that I know I can beat... They told Monte, 'Tim needs to keep winning. Keep putting wins together.' I've done that and nothing happened. And there are guys in there I think are absolutely horrible...Yeah, I've got an attitude about it. I'm tired of it. I've got to make my own destiny."

Despite literally hundreds of messages on Twitter, White has been uncharacteristically silent on the matter.

"I think after this goes on weeks, and weeks, and weeks, and weeks, I think something is going to happen," sadi Sylvia. "The fans are speaking right now."

For Sylvia, a loss to Fedor Emelianenko in just seconds was the beginning. A weight gain that landed him in the super heavyweight division for several fights made things worse. Soon, a fighter who once ruled the UFC's heavyweight division became a laughingstock.

White, apparently, doesn't look back on Sylvia's reign with any nostalgia at all, calling the division at the time "s----y."

"I thought I had a great relationship with everybody in the UFC," Sylvia said. "It is hurtful. I busted my a-- for years in his fights to become champion, not once, but twice...it's not my fault the UFC didn't bring in better guys to the division when I was there. That's got nothing to do with me. I fought who they put in front of me. I never declined anybody."

"Keep tweeting Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta. They say they aren't, but I know they are seeing all these tweets," Sylvia said. "Just keep supporting me. I love you guys. In the past I've told fans, 'If you don't like me, to hell with you.' But you know what? If you're a fan of MMA, I love you no matter what."

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HST site profile image  

3/1/12 2:32 PM by HST

Tim Sylvia, please go away.

FRAZTV site profile image  

3/1/12 2:59 AM by FRAZTV


FRAZTV site profile image  

3/1/12 2:58 AM by FRAZTV

Yeah, cause that's happened so many times before. Get a new cliche' line to hate the UFC with, you ignorant sheep.

RocketsRedglare site profile image  

2/29/12 6:09 PM by RocketsRedglare

 He might be okay, but I fail to see how he busted his ass with that ultra weak pawing striking.

Humphrey site profile image  

2/29/12 5:45 PM by Humphrey

actually the problem is, he's not a nice guy to most people. he may be humble now, but he burned his bridges when he was in the UFC before with both fans and the organization. He did it the same way vera burned bridges with the UFC, but brandon caught on quickly enough to eat some humble pie and get it back together.Here's the problem with posts like this. If he busted his ass for the UFC, that's just an admission of a stupid action. I'm quite sure what he busted his ass for was to become and retain the heavyweight championship. I highly doubt he trained in camps, accepted fights, and cashed checks while thinking 'it's all for the UFC'.

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

2/29/12 5:41 PM by ABE FROMAN

Is he or is he not in disfavor with Dana, the UFC and a lot of fans? Does one fight at the right weight make a difference to the UFC? Face it, on what he's trying to get back in on he's not going to impress anybody at Zuffa. One fight at 265 and multiple others over 300lbs is NOT an impressive history. I have nothing against Tim except that I think his attitude needs to be adjusted here. He hasn't earned a shot back and he's not trying to look like he's earning a shot back. If I wanted a shot I'd be trying to get at least 2 more fights at 265 and win them impressively, that way NOBODY can argue when he asks.  

I No Kung Foo site profile image  

2/29/12 5:29 PM by I No Kung Foo

I'd pay to watch Tim fight in the UFC again.

mikethecricket site profile image  

2/29/12 5:08 PM by mikethecricket


RyannVonDoom site profile image  

2/29/12 4:41 PM by RyannVonDoom

Did he, or did he not make weight his last fight? Did he or did he not win said fight? Have others made cuts to 265?

JonnySweats site profile image  

2/29/12 3:38 PM by JonnySweats

Tim Sylvia, while probably a nice guy was at the time pretty much dis-liked by most fans during his reign as champion.I actually think this would help him get back to the UFC as I think being very unpopular is only second to being very popular for viewing figures. I don't think he would do too well now though against the new breed of big and skilled guys.