Cruz not hyped about Faber

by Erik Fontanez | source:

There’s nothing to get excited about when considering Faber, according to Cruz.

“I was never hyped up about the rivalry,” Cruz told MMAWeekly Radio. “Nobody gets hyped up about not liking somebody. Either you like somebody or you don’t.”

Despite the history between the champ and his mortal enemy from Team Alpha Male, Cruz feels there’s no reason to get excited other than being able to defend his title. The fact that Faber is the one challenging for it makes no difference.

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Bounty Hunter site profile image  

3/1/12 9:45 AM by Bounty Hunter

dominick will cruise his way to another dec.

whoabro site profile image  

2/29/12 6:42 PM by whoabro

like when they make Frankie Edgar beat everyeone twice

American_Ninja site profile image  

2/29/12 6:23 PM by American_Ninja


Justin Tuck Gronked My Rectum site profile image  

2/29/12 6:15 PM by Justin Tuck Gronked My Rectum

lol at Brutal KO from Cruz on Faber

FitchViaDecision site profile image  

2/29/12 6:00 PM by FitchViaDecision

Don't like Cruz, but hopes he murders Faber. UFC wants Faber to be champ so bad. Expect an immediate rematch if Cruz wins. Even if it's a brutal 1st rd KO.

RandyDarsh site profile image  

2/29/12 11:13 AM by RandyDarsh

Exactly why rush a rematch

BJJkilla site profile image  

2/29/12 11:01 AM by BJJkilla

cruz isn't hyped about the fact the UFC keeps handing faber title shot after title shot

Samoa site profile image  

2/29/12 10:55 AM by Samoa

 Sometimes he reminds me of Sean Sherk.  It seemed, at times, that Sherk was simply shadowboxing in front of his opponent.  Watch the Nick Diaz (no, I'm not saying it was a bad decision) fight.  It's like he sets up at a crazy distance and just goes through the jab, cross, hook, uppercut progression without getting into range.......just to throw the punches rather than to land.

Samoa site profile image  

2/29/12 10:49 AM by Samoa

 So big fighters excite you?  JK.  I think this is why Faber has gotten so many title shots as a poster already pointed out.  There aren't a lot of "names" so they keep throwing a known one, with a reasonable record, into the fightlight.

RLL site profile image  

2/29/12 9:49 AM by RLL

Cruz is active... too much for my taste. He moves like a epileptic when he fights. Problem is that judges think him dancing around like a capoeira maniac = points. It's like Clay Guida bouncing up and down for 15 minutes and winning because he hits two takedowns.