Rousimar Palhares enjoys his first birthday cake


Rousimar Palhares' has an unfortunate reputation for holding submissions longer than necessary. However, past incidents becomes a little more understandable when fans learn about his past. Not everyone in MMA enjoyed a uniformly happy childhood, but Palhares' was Dickensian.

The massive scar on his chest came when he was working in the fields as a child in his native Brazil and fell off a track, landing on the jutting stump of a severed banana tree. His family had no money for medical treatment, and closed the wound with scotch tape.

Now life is better, and Rousimar got his first birthday cake, at age 32.

"I was very surprised. I felt like a child because that was the first time I celebrate my birthday with a cake. I came from a poor family, and I thank all my friends from BTT for giving me this moment of happiness".


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rundymc site profile image  

3/1/12 10:40 AM by rundymc

Not out of the question. He's not particularly lean.Personally, I've hit 200lbs at 5'8, though I was a little fatter than he is fight night. The difference is, if my progress compared to peers says anything, I have below average genetics, constantly under-recover and don't sleep particularly well.

ncimm site profile image  

3/1/12 10:04 AM by ncimm

We just had Dean in for a seminar not to long ago. He told a story about competing in Europe, some polish guy (in Dean's words) "the king of leg locks" (or so he was told). Dean said he submitted him with a leg lock (not sure which).Maybe if we make enough noise ADCC can make a superfight?!?!

RandyDarsh site profile image  

3/1/12 9:53 AM by RandyDarsh

What a shitty first cake

Krypstonite site profile image  

3/1/12 9:26 AM by Krypstonite

God damn, can't wait for may 5th

PTM2020 site profile image  

3/1/12 1:42 AM by PTM2020

 I would go apeshit if Dean pulled off a leglock on him

mmabbn site profile image  

2/29/12 11:32 PM by mmabbn

The cake is a lie

UGCTT_Paul_Blanka_Harris site profile image  

2/29/12 11:21 PM by UGCTT_Paul_Blanka_Harris

STFU !!!

Motivated Penn site profile image  

2/29/12 11:18 PM by Motivated Penn

If you're thinking of heel hooks, they attack the knee, by rotating it, not the ankle.Yeah, I like Palhares too, because he's got a laser like focus one one objective: leg lock asap.There are so many blander approaches, his is a breath of freh air.I can see how his purposefully seriously injuring opponents is unpalatable to some though. Fighters retire, mostly, in late 30's. Knees should be carrying them the rest of their lives, it's no joke with these brutal heel hooks.

Brigham site profile image  

2/29/12 11:00 PM by Brigham

Not with a choke but with a knee bar he did

Melvinator86 site profile image  

2/29/12 10:15 PM by Melvinator86