Rampage: I’m happy I did TRT, wish I had known about it sooner

by John Joe O'Regan | source: fightersonlymag.com

Rampage Jackson recently did a tremendous interview with Fighters Only. Excerpts appear below.

Elbow’s hurt, shoulder’s fucked up, wrist’s f----- up, both my knees f----- up, ankle problems. I f----- my jaw up before I fought Wanderlei and after a while its like man, I am training hard for these fights and I’ve got these injuries and at the back of my mind I’m thinking ‘I just want to retire.’

I really wanted to fight for the Japanese fans and so I went to see the doctor and he told me not to fight. I was like ‘whoa.’ I bust out crying, because I had missed Japan and… you know, I don’t like to tell people that I cry but I am a human being, I cried. I woke up at like three o’clock in the morning and I cried.

A lot of fights when I am injured I don’t tell anybody but the UFC knew this time because my doctor works for the UFC. Its good that the UFC knew because they look after you, they take care of you even if its just in training. Pride didn’t do that.

(The doctor) told me to talk to an age-management doctor. So I went and talked to them and they tested me and said my testosterone was low; they prescribed me testosterone, to bring my testosterone levels back up ... so that I am the same as young people.

I feel like a 25 year old again. My sex life changed, I was back to five times a night like when I was 25, straight up. I got stronger, lifting weights. I was never good at lifting weights but I was doing everything, pull ups and stuff, everything with my top half. I gained a lot of weight but I gained a lot of water as well, I never knew about testosterone putting weight on you like that. I had to cut weight and I cut 22 pounds out of the 30 I needed to cut, I just couldn’t make the rest. I couldn’t make the rest.

I was like ‘testosterone? No I’m not going to do that, that’s like steroids’ but then the doctor is like ‘no, steroids is stuff mixed with testosterone or other stuff, you can get steroids that do all types of things. Steroids for your cardio, for your muscles. Testosterone is all natural, its what your body produces.’

So I spoke to the UFC and they were like ‘yeah, a lot of fighters are probably doing it but not telling anyone.’ Me, I keep it real, I am not doing anything wrong. Its legal and I am not abusing it and I am not going over certain levels.

Sure enough I did it like a week or two and, I couldn’t train but… My doggy style was buck wild man I’m telling you. I was like a young man, back to lifting weights and stuff, running treadmill and I could run and run. I could hit pads but I couldn’t spar or wrestle until I got to Japan, like eight days before the fight.

In Japan I saw the change and so I decided I am not retiring no time soon, whether I fight for the UFC or not, I am gonna heal my knee up and get back on top. I feel young again. I’m happy I did the testosterone, I wish I had known about it sooner.

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3/6/12 10:48 PM by Carne de cavalo é o melhor

 Looks like you're being served on the plate as a sacrificial lamb, John Joe. Will you release some raw footage of "What really happened?"

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3/6/12 9:40 PM by spliff

 seems like dana wasn't very happy with this interview/journalist 11 min mark http://www.mmafighting.com/ufc/2012/3/6/2849764/dana-white-talks-ufc-on-fox-3-strikeforce-tate-vs-rousey-and-rampage

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3/5/12 8:21 AM by Blazing Knees

You need to take 6 of the 750 mg Trib a day to see signifigant results. I'm 52 and an expert on test since my levels fell drastically in my 40's Do this" get the 500 mg amino acid DAA and take 4 on empty stomach in morn and 2 at nite bofore bed. Take 6 Tribs ( generic is cheaper than T=Bombs ) a day. also there is a sup called Phenebut ( use minimally 1-2 tabs a day ) I use T-Bombs because they have estrogen blockers or some scientific shit that works.   Within a week you'll feel like poking holes in the drywal; with your cack. Cheap, safe, effective, legal. I sling guys around half my age at the gym and my recovery is awesome. I started a thread a few months ago about OTC test sups, I'll try to find it later and post it, it's chock full of info about getting your test levels right from pros and trainers etc

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3/5/12 6:28 AM by john joe

had nothing to do with bisping leaving; bisping originally wanted to leave after the matt hammill fight actually, he was gonna join XC but in the end it was a few years before he was able to relocate stateside. Now he's at Huntington Beach^ watch some snide site go and write that up as an 'exclusive' now

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3/2/12 8:11 PM by bamx2

"they prescribed me testosterone, to bring my testosterone levels back up to levels where I can be like… so that I am the same as young people"That's fair! lolThought the point of being on TRT is to bring your levels to a normal level; normal meaning normal for someone your own age.

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3/2/12 7:14 PM by Pride Rules

 not sure what to make of it but kinda weird he would say that  

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3/2/12 8:57 AM by Blazing Knees

 What are the " normal"levels for a healthy man in your 20's 30' 40's 50;s? Is there a standard guide or chart that has the average levels of test? I'm on T-bombs and taking 8 DAA capsules a day, it helps

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3/1/12 10:28 PM by Jake88

LOL DAMN RIGHT!!! It always baffles me when people that like to watch 2 grown men beat the shit out of each other in a cage as a hobby get their panties in a bunch over this kind of shit. Who cares, its fucking CAGEFIGHTING quit being a bunch of pussies!