ABC asks members to bar amateur Michigan fighters


The creation of the Association of Boxing Commissions was mandated by Federal law for the purpose of sharing suspension information among the various State Athletic Commissions that regulate combat sports. Although the law names boxing, the spirit of the law has been applied equally to Mixed Martial Arts.

The State of Michigan has so egregiously failed to adequately regulate amateur Mixed Martial Arts that the ABC has taken the unprecedented step of asking the member commissions to bar ammy Michigan fighters, or those who have recently competed in Michigan.

Here's the full letter that was sent out to ABC members:

On October 6, 2011, I sent the attached letter to Dr. James Webber, Chairman of the Michigan Unarmed Combat Commission. The purpose of the letter was to formally provide notice of the concerns which the ABC had with the non-regulation of events in Michigan. After speaking to Dr. Weber, he seems very concerned about the way both professional and amateur sports are being regulated in Michigan, but he realizes the way the law is written in Michigan, the Commission has no power whatsoever to remedy these blatant and obvious health and safety concerns. The Michigan legislature has a great opportunity to make changes for the betterment of the sport and protect the health, safety and welfare of the contestant and ensure fair and equitable contests for all involved. Sadly, HB4295 in its present from fails to remedy the issues at hand in any fashion.

The ABC has failed, through its many and repeated communication attempts, to get the State of Mchigan to amend its policies and practices. However, the ABC cannot sit idly by while Michigan's actions, or lack thereof, constitute threat to the health and safety of mixed martial arts; and the integrity and fairness of mixed martial arts contests.

Michigan has allowed promoters of events to consistently fail to comply regarding the reporting of results and any suspensions from mixed martial arts contests. In addition, Michigan has a repeated record of allowing mixed martial artists to compete regardless of medical or drug suspensions in place. In conclusion, the ABC sees no other option but to ask its over eighty-seven member commissions to bar any fighter with a Michigan address, a Michigan mixed martial arts identification card, or a recent record showing competition in Michigan. Otherwise, member Commissions may not realize the true record of the competitors, the medical status of the competitors, and the suspension history of the competitors.


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Ethan Boyle site profile image  

3/6/12 1:49 PM by Ethan Boyle

Thank you Chris.

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3/6/12 1:01 PM by Wontsubmit Id write a single letter and send it to every single one of them

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3/6/12 12:52 PM by Wontsubmit

MICHIGAN UNARMED COMBAT COMMISSION POST OFFICE BOX 30018 LANSING, MI 48909 (517) 241-9209 (517) 241-9296 FAX ATTN: LINDA DOUGLAS, Athletic Coordinator, James Weber, MD, Chairman,, Carol Moultine, Licensing Manager, HOME PAGE:  

Jim Erickson site profile image  

3/6/12 12:27 PM by Jim Erickson

Ohio commissioner brought attention to the problem, method may or may not have been the best. There are four pages of posts, albeit by a handful of people. How about the same amount of letters sent to Michigan commission and legislature. Even got legal guy on here with his writs of manamus and writs of habeas corpus christi...Keep the fire stoked and see if you can contact the people that have the power to fix the problem.

BLPorritt site profile image  

3/6/12 12:17 PM by BLPorritt

Subbin for some chubbin

Ethan Boyle site profile image  

3/6/12 12:06 PM by Ethan Boyle

Nothing like having an Ohio commissioner trolling the UG.

Wontsubmit site profile image  

3/6/12 12:01 PM by Wontsubmit

 From what I understand its the ohio commissioner who wrote that letter, its to the members of the abc not from the abc. The problem seems to be unregulated fights. In 2011 michigan had something like 3 regulated fights and 56 unregulated fights. Those are just the ones reported. 

Ethan Boyle site profile image  

3/6/12 11:48 AM by Ethan Boyle

No offense taken, and that post of mine right above was roughly at the same time of yours.

Ethan Boyle site profile image  

3/6/12 11:25 AM by Ethan Boyle

I would think that since the ABC realizes the problem is not with the commission but with how they law is written they would address this differently by contacting anyone from the State legislature and have them propose an amendment that would give the commission the power it needs.

WikiTheWalrus site profile image  

3/6/12 11:24 AM by WikiTheWalrus

But we're talking Michigan specifically and I know for a fact it was Ratner and the UFC spending thousands of dollars in lobbying fees to one of the largest law firms in Michigan who pushed the bill that legalized MMA in Michigan. No offense meant, but getting legislation passed in Michigan is quite different than getting it done in North Dakota.