Alves reportedly 27 lbs. heavier 3 hours after official weigh-in

by Chris Palmquist | source:

Thiago Alves is known as a bigger welterweight, and as such, has had his problems in the past making weight, missing it on several times. Yesterday was no problem for him though, weighing in officially at 170.5 lbs. for his main event bout versus Martin Kampmann.

What's more shocking than Alves making weight is that his diet coach, Mike Dolce, tweeted 3 hours after the weigh-in that his fighter was now 197.6 lbs, a full 27.1 lbs. heavier than his weigh in amount.

Weight cutting can be considered an advantage, as the more you cut and gain, the bigger and stronger you could be than your opponent, but often you may lose an advantage in your cardio performance. It'll be interested to see how it effects Alves tonight.

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subgrappler83 site profile image  

3/3/12 12:47 PM by subgrappler83

 Its called learning to run a iv. No secret here.....

In Limbo site profile image  

3/3/12 9:55 AM by In Limbo

 i thought it was only women who were obsessed about weight LOL

jesus3 site profile image  

3/3/12 9:49 AM by jesus3

Weight cutting is not healthy but neither is fighting.

Smith1234 site profile image  

3/3/12 9:41 AM by Smith1234


ghostboner site profile image  

3/3/12 4:28 AM by ghostboner

Also, dude above me, if bknumber1 is a Type O reference then you are my new favorite fighter.

ghostboner site profile image  

3/3/12 4:26 AM by ghostboner

Ok then I stand corrected, no gimmick. That is some crazy shit. Props to Thiago for a good cut and a good fight. Anyone know what Kampmann was weighing around fight time?

bknumber1 site profile image  

3/3/12 4:12 AM by bknumber1

Exactly what I was thinking if true: multiple layers of clothes, keys, wallet and cell phone in pocket, and probably just ate a large breakfast. Still, dude packs on a lot in a short time.

strengthcoach site profile image  

3/3/12 1:28 AM by strengthcoach

Hey guys!WOW!!!!! I had no idea there would be such a fuss about a little twit pic?!As to the conspiracy theorists claiming the impossibility of regaining functional body weight that had been temporarily reduced in a scientific and healthy manner, you should consider that we are trained professionals applying our craft at the most elite level of sport. If what we do seems impossible, we take that as a true compliment. You'd be surprised at what discipline, intelligent application of longevity science and good old fashioned, in the trenches experience can do. You do realize we flew here from America, in a large metal tube about 6miles off the ground at a speed of about 400miles per hour, don't you? Now THAT sounds impossible!!! ;)-Mike DolceThe Dolce Diet

SinCityHustler site profile image  

3/3/12 12:47 AM by SinCityHustler

 Kampmann looked like the bigger fighter in the cage.  Another example of fans freaking out about basically nothing.  So the guy wanted to load his stomach up with a ton of food and water, so what?  That doesn't make him any bigger it just makes him fat for the moment and if he keeps all of that in, at a huge disadvantage in the cage.