Lou Neglia talks MMA past and future

source: krs10ko

KRS10 sits down with kick boxing legend and ring of combat President Lou Neglia at home on Lou's couch. They talk about the Ring of Combat, it's beginings, Chris Weidman, Drago, up comers and future UFC stars, Rocky Marciano, and legalizing MMA in NY.

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Krs10KO.com site profile image  

3/4/12 11:13 AM by Krs10KO.com

He talked about this! I had so much stuff w Lou I had to break it up.

Chitat site profile image  

3/3/12 5:52 PM by Chitat

It was Joe Hess that KO'd the woman, she did not last very long. I loved that old Oriental World of Self Defense stuff they used to show on Wide World of Sports every year.

Kirik site profile image  

3/3/12 11:01 AM by Kirik

 I don't know that it has been referred to much, but Neglia has experience in mixed rules fights too. Aaoron Banks had his Oriental World of Self Defense shows and at least once that i remember in I guess the mid 70s, Neglia fought a boxer in a boxer vs kickboxer match. Lou won with low kicks and then punches I think, or maybe it was low kicks then a high kick. long time ago. They also had wrestling vs Judo (with the wrestler in a gi) and some other match ups. Once they had a man vs a  woman, but the dude was gigantic, I forget his name, but he moved to Florida from NY, Joe Hess maybe. That was dumb, but the mixed rules stuff was really cool when I was a teenager. Banks loved the match ups, and wanted to start what he called a Ketsugo league with rules that allowed everything.

Krs10KO.com site profile image  

3/3/12 10:38 AM by Krs10KO.com

Did that really happen??

AndyMain site profile image  

3/2/12 11:50 PM by AndyMain

Lou puts on a great show. I'm proud to be a ROC alum. The Tropicana in AC is a sweet venue too.

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

3/2/12 6:21 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

you were Phil, until you slammed his keys in his trunk. LOL!

PhilBaroni site profile image  

3/2/12 5:44 PM by PhilBaroni

Oh man Lou you didnt mention me : ( i use to be your favorite fighter lol

Krs10KO.com site profile image  

3/2/12 3:36 PM by Krs10KO.com

He's a great guy. I said he should write a book, The Tao of Lou.

Kirik site profile image  

3/2/12 3:30 PM by Kirik

 Yah he is

JIUJITSUFOREVER site profile image  


Awesome Fights, Awesome Events, Awesome Guy! Uncle Lou is the Man!