Ian McCall: That was fun, thought it was mine for sure

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At UFC on FX 2, scoring tabulation for the Ian McCall vs. Demetrious Johnson Featherweight title eliminator was handled with extraordinary incompetence. The event was regulated by the local comission, the Department of Sport and Recreation in New South Wales, Australia, under the supervision of Craig Waller.

Among an athletic commissions many duties are appointing judges, and tabulating their scores. Commissioner Waller failed in this effort, twice. McCall was initially described as the loser by

The fight was initially announced as a split-decision win for Demetrious Johnson. The it was announced that there had been a tabulation error, and that the proper score was a majority-decision victory for Johnson (Indicating one jusge saw the fight a draw).

Then it was announced that the retabulation was in error, too, and that the fight was a majority draw. The UFC had intended to use the two Feeatherweight semi finals matches to test a new rule -  a fourth deciding round in the event of a draw.

Unfortunately, by the time the Australian commission learned second grade math, it was too late.

The UFC made the best of a bad situation, paying both fighters their win bonuses, and awarding fight of the night to each fighter for an extra 50k, and declafring that there would be a rematch.

Ian McCall responds, via the UG.


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That was fun, thought it was mine for sure but not gonna argue, woulda been down for a 4th in a heartbeat!! And I was ready for it!!

Rematch won't be the same, glad i get my chance again, thanks to all the people that believe in me! Love u guys!

Was doing my best to put on a show! You guys watched the fight, you know what happened in it.
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3/5/12 11:51 AM by holly9000

Great Fight, you deserved the win-good luck in the rematch Creepy

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3/5/12 8:33 AM by bigbenpie

This!! They need to make a charity for those discriminated against for having a sweet stache!!

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3/5/12 7:52 AM by CindyO

  Nuh-uh. I just wanted one for Christmas last year soooo bad after seeing one on Ellen;) Those little piggies are so small and cute! I wonder if they really stay small? Cindy

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3/5/12 1:06 AM by UGCTT_sideshowsteve

 Heya Creepy, I just searched all over this little island in Thailand for a wifi connection to watch the fight and wanted to say it was fantastic! Glad the decision was changed, but IMHO, u had that !

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3/5/12 12:59 AM by UGCTT_Capnsavem


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3/4/12 11:58 PM by UGCTT_Zjjitsu705

Nope just inbox Jason  

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3/4/12 11:52 PM by from the land down under

do I need to go blue to name change?

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3/4/12 11:31 PM by thenino

only one that comes close is when the King Kamehameha club wouldn't let Magnum P.I in.

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3/4/12 11:27 PM by thenino

I've never seen a more clear cut case of stash discrimination in my life.