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On Saturday night Paul Daley fought Kazuo Misaki to a split decision at the Strikeforce event in Columbus, Ohio. Many watching at home and media alike had thought the fight was a close and could have gone Daley's way. It seemed like Daley thought the same:

From: Semtex
Posted: March 5th, 12:10 PM ET
Member Since: 11/8/04
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I can't be Semtex all the time people, different fights call for a different approach. Sorry for those that felt cheated out of not seeing Semtex, but I feel being Semtex had an effect on the judges scores, because i didn't come out swinging. He got the 1st round, I got the 2nd, and the 3rd, I feel through takedowns, ground control, effect defense, and scored the most damage while taking very little. The reason I back pedalled and kept it on the jab/counters in the 3rd is because I honestly thought I had won the fight. it was close, but I feel I won.

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KwikTempah site profile image  

3/7/12 7:48 AM by KwikTempah

I love this forum .

Andy the man site profile image  

3/6/12 7:23 PM by Andy the man

Where would you put yourself in the WW picture, Paul?Still top 10?Anyone that you'd like to fight next?

tonetone site profile image  

3/6/12 7:12 PM by tonetone

you got out boxed for 3 rounds and were admittedly back peddling.i was, however, surprised how easy you took misaki down. props for that.brilliant display of lay n pray once you got it there though, you must have been training with woodley.

Blazing Knees site profile image  

3/6/12 6:03 PM by Blazing Knees

 Beyond the insults and stuff, even you admit you just weren't yourself that night and took it easy in the last round because you thought you were ahead. You're an awesome fighter but you didn't fight your fight and it resulted in a L. You weren't blasting him with the shots you know you could have because you were playing it safe from the git for whatever reason. you should have blasted thru this guy skill-wise no problem \\ edit: I took your advice and watched the fight again  wothout the sound and it does look like a closer fight to me. Hate to admit that the announcing had an effect on me but I guess it did. 

hubris site profile image  

3/6/12 1:51 PM by hubris

that's because you hit him with a cheap elbow on the ground when you were laying and praying and waiting out the clock

Semtex site profile image  

3/6/12 1:44 PM by Semtex

Yeah, I took a loads of punishment.....and received NO MEDICAL SUSPENSION......Misaki on the other hand....."Kazuo Misaki: Suspended 45 days(Indefinatly) to due a facial laceration(s)."WWW.SEMTEX.TV

In Limbo site profile image  

3/6/12 1:33 PM by In Limbo

 the thing with woodley, kos, and ellenberger is that while they win with takedowns...they also maintain top control...ALSO they don't take the punishment like you took against misaki in their fact they (esp Kos and Ellenberger) tend to damage their opponents a bit on the feet in ADDITION to controlling the wrestling game

pitbu11y site profile image  

3/6/12 1:11 PM by pitbu11y

You suck

Andy the man site profile image  

3/6/12 12:56 PM by Andy the man

Taking a fight with Misaki was always going to be a lose-lose match.You win? Meh. Miskai isn't as relevant as he was.You lose? You go about 15 steps backwards.I'd LOVE to see Daley fight Diego Sanchez.

In Limbo site profile image  

3/6/12 12:30 PM by In Limbo

 oh please..... Semtex you are coming off as grasping at straws (zuffa shills, watch without sound)....come one man...if the roles were reversed YOU would be the first to call BS on the other guy if he said the shit you are saying now even the British posters, who ride your jock all the time, are telling it like it is....all but 2 people on this thread (incl brit fans) are saying Misaki had you confused and took the wind out of your sails after he took your shots and walked right through them landing his own (and rocking you to the head and having you wince from the body shots) there is nothing wrong with saying you lost the fight, or you didnt fight your best....but to argue that you won while using tactics you, yourself, abhor doesn't look so good