St-Pierre: Marijuana isn't a performance enhancer


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BigEyedFish site profile image  

3/9/12 10:53 AM by BigEyedFish

 then they should also test for refined sugars, msg, HF corn syrup, excessive fatty foods, cigarettes, booze, big macs, etc...Im half joking but the point is that there is a ton of shit everyone does that arent beneficial to good conditioning - even pro fighters.  Banning MJ is just plain ignorant.  

rockafella site profile image  

3/8/12 7:47 PM by rockafella

Maybe they are not worried about it enhancing someones performance but rather hindering it?

sacredhate site profile image  

3/8/12 5:45 PM by sacredhate

even if it was legal to consume that doesn't mean it would be legal for a fighter to have in their system.i'm guessing that they make a big deal out of a fighter having alcohol in their system too depending on the level....and i'm pretty sure prescription pain killers aren't always allowed either.

BigEyedFish site profile image  

3/8/12 5:45 PM by BigEyedFish

 anyone who thinks it is is a fucking retard

pandrews76 site profile image  

3/8/12 5:35 PM by pandrews76

this thread

AlexanderTheGreatJJ site profile image  

3/6/12 3:48 PM by AlexanderTheGreatJJ

I want to enchant my performance :(

crumbs site profile image  

3/6/12 2:39 PM by crumbs

This is the attitude that has led America to become the corporate Goliath monster it is now. Alcohol is 200 times more destructive then THC. But because of alchohol companies (paper companies before it) and pharmacy companies And there powerful throw money at everyone lobbyist, here we are with the biggest hypocritical war on drugs.Get over it? Having your freedoms decided by board rooms and not the citizens? I won't get over it.And by the looks of it the world won't get over it either.You can't keep drugs out of a US max prison, make the entire US country a max prison, u still have drug use. There is no logic in the drug war, just profit for corporations, and less freedoms for citizens.

Piyo site profile image  

3/6/12 1:58 PM by Piyo

That's interesting given that it was a recent Supreme Court decision that established the legality of what the DEA is doing. That said, it's one of our government's worst and most evil policies, and I would support violent resistance against every aspect of the drug war.

lookoutawhale site profile image  

3/6/12 1:57 PM by lookoutawhale

 "performance enchancement" ...something out of harry potter.

The Engineer site profile image  

3/6/12 1:52 PM by The Engineer

ExactlyState exemption laws are irrelevant when there is a federal law that supersedes it. Anyone who has even paid attention in a 6th grade government or social studies class knows that. When there is a state law and a federal law regarding the same topic, to be in compliance, you have to follow the stricter of the two. If not, you are still breaking a law and can be arrested.