Dana White: Ronda Rousey is going to be a big star

by Tom Ngo | source: 5thround.com

UFC President Dana White was blown away by Rousey’s impressive performance against Miesha Tate and believes the “Rowdy” one is on the cusp of superstardom.

“I’ve been saying for a long time about the women’s division, there aren’t enough women to create a division,” White stated during Tuesday’s press conference. “But every once in awhile you’re going to have the fighters to create these one-off fights. That happened last Saturday night.

Ronda Rousey is going to be a big star.”

Rousey’s emergence comes at a critical juncture for female fighting, as many believed the ladies had lost all the momentum that was gained from Carano and Cyborg’s watershed shootout in August 2009. That scrap marked the first time in history where two females headlined a major MMA show.

Sarah Kaufman appears first in line for a shot at Rousey’s freshly-minted bantamweight crown, but ‘Rousey vs. Kaufman’ doesn’t quite generate the same box office buzz as say, ‘Rousey vs. Cyborg.’ Unfortunately for fight fans, the Brazilian is facing a year-long suspension so that’s not happening anytime soon.

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Spartan1017 site profile image  

3/8/12 2:34 PM by Spartan1017

Rowdy all the way! better for the sport too.

Jay-dog site profile image  

3/7/12 10:45 PM by Jay-dog

Theres a long list of fighters who took repeated punches from Cyborg before they were finished in the second or third rnd. Ronda could certainly take some punches coming in and have no problem getting the fight to the ground. From there it would be the same story. No one in WMMA has the skill set to end a fight as quickly and in as devastating fashion as Ronda.

rsong7766 site profile image  

3/7/12 10:26 PM by rsong7766

I agree. RR's ground game puts a lot of dudes ground game to shame. Cyborg could beat RR, but not sure if off the roids--she's def the poster child for roid abuse. Deep voice, masculine features, ripped like C.Kongo. If she comes in "magically" slimmer and softer looking--she's in a world of pain.

Thacommish site profile image  

3/7/12 9:39 PM by Thacommish

could cyborg beat rousey... probably... could she make weight to actually challenge for rouseys belt? lol to that. i dont see what the other option is, make ronda gain weight to fight cyborg for a 1 off fight for a title she was stripped of?lol

BzGrappla site profile image  

3/7/12 2:39 PM by BzGrappla

and lol at cyborgs stregnth.U mean her designer steroid strength? ya good luck passing another test now that they are hot on her trail.Rousey should demand olympic style blood testing b4 taking the fight. Like mayweather.

BzGrappla site profile image  

3/7/12 2:37 PM by BzGrappla

But but .. Meisha Taint says she shouldnt be a big star with only 5 fights... she is only getting a title defense because her looks.......

Master Bater site profile image  

3/7/12 1:31 PM by Master Bater

with a coach like master Seagal guiding her career she can not possibly failhttps://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/429568_10150614817966494_533221493_9439019_1098708752_n.jpgblue please

AlphaSlap site profile image  

3/7/12 1:02 PM by AlphaSlap

To me Cyborgs biggest strength is her ability to bum rush her opponents and fight either against the fence or in the clinch.IMO if Cyborg clinched and tried to out muscle RR she would end up on her back looking at the lights and desperately trying to defend.Tate is an excellent grappler but you could tell she was stunned by RR top game. RR looked like she was training with a gappling dummy.The only way Cyborg could win (provided she even make weight) would be to get her on the fence, tag her, back up and repeat.

KimboByGhettoplex site profile image  

3/7/12 12:53 PM by KimboByGhettoplex

You don't know what you're talking about.Major MMA fighters fight on PPV. The companies you mentioned don't give a shit about 300K to 1.5M people watching on PPV, nor do they care about athletes in sports that the sport news/media world doesn't promote freely as it is. Trash talk doesn't have anything to do with anything. The reason big companies give big contracts to star players is because the entire sports industry promotes that player and then the player in turn promotes that product. Nobody really gives a fuck about MMA at any point, and the only time you see a huge national sponsor attach to someone in MMA, like Burger King to Anderson Silva or Gatorade to GSP, it is a situation where that fighter has far greater visibility in a specific market than is typical for an MMA fighter.And I still have no idea why Ronda Rousey can't be a "big star" without having "Nike" plastered on her ass. MMA is still a PPV & cable TV sponsor-driven industry that is basically supported in every aspect by a niche audience; Strikeforce appeals to an even smaller niche audience within that first niche; and women's MMA is probably the smallest little niche within the niche within the niche. All a "big star" in women's MMA needs to do is create enough interest to keep women's MMA alive. If that can happen then maybe it can build enough depth to survive on its own as, once again, a little niche within a little niche. Given that Ronda is talented, polarizing, attractive, exciting, and that she works hard to keep herself relevant & a topic of discussion, she has everything necessary to be a "big star" in women's MMA, and in MMA period.

MTH site profile image  

3/7/12 12:47 PM by MTH

Well, right now, yes. But prior to Cyborg's getting popped for steriods, RR was at 145. Her star was starting to rise and it looked like she was going to be next for Cyborg, but then she said she didn't feel the interest in that fight would be big enough, so she stated her intention to go down to 135, win the belt from Tate in a hugely marketable fight (given their looks), and then go back up to fight Cyborg, which she felt would generate more interest. So far, her plan has worked except for Cyborg getting popped mid-stream, so it looks like Kaufman's on the horizon for the time being. RR looked great at 135, but I expect she'd head back up to 145 if Cyborg comes back, looks good, and tests clean. Alternatively, Cyborg may head down to 135 if the 145 division is just shuttered altogether.So no, I don't think folks are dumb to talk about them fighting.