Ben Henderson vs. Frankie Edgar rematch confirmed for this summer


Frankie Edgar ‏ @FrankieEdgar

Rematch anyone??'s on!! Thanks to @danawhite@lorenzofertitta. Me and Henderson 2. Here we go!!

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Dana White ‏ @danawhite

Frankie Edgar and Ben Henderson rematch will be this summer

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ALL DAY JAY site profile image  

3/8/12 10:36 AM by ALL DAY JAY

What happens if Frankie wins a really close decision in thei next fight? Will there be a third? This is BS! I am tired of all these rematches.

Sofa King Cool site profile image  

3/8/12 8:32 AM by Sofa King Cool

Boo this man.gif

Megatherium site profile image  

3/8/12 4:45 AM by Megatherium

Henderson vs Edgar 2, vs Edgar 2!!

LBH_RN site profile image  

3/8/12 4:36 AM by LBH_RN

Imagine if this bullshit was going on in the welterweight class...where would be then, GSP/Hardy 2? Seriously, give Pettis or Miller their due.

BooZe site profile image  

3/7/12 8:43 PM by BooZe

All I know is when Edgar loses this rematch, he should be forced to go down to 145 and have to work his way up the division instead of an immediate rematch.

BooZe site profile image  

3/7/12 8:43 PM by BooZe

Immediate tittle shot*

SOO72 site profile image  

3/7/12 8:35 PM by SOO72

Not directing this at you but rather the many people who seem to share this opinion, but BJ Penn and Maynard didn't finish those fights either. Also if Edgar had won probably 99% of the rematch haters would be screaming for Bendo to get his.

Chiron site profile image  

3/7/12 7:57 PM by Chiron

No. Rematches shouldn't be granted because a fighter had to give rematches himself in the past. Those rematches were Edgar's fault for, because of his style, failing to beat BJ clearly and going to a draw with Maynard. That's not Henderson's fault and he shouldn't have to pay consequences for it. Besides, the majority of people felt BJ won the first time he fought Edgar (BJ outlanded Edgar and stuffed like 12 out of 13 takedowns FFS) and the draw with Maynard was seen mainly as the right call. On the other hand, 80% of fans held the opinion that Henderson won as even you yourself admitted. There will always be some close fights but it is no coincidence that Edgar is involved in so many because he's not really coming focused on fighting so much as he is focusing on stealing rounds on points. He'll always be in close-controvesrial fights as a result. A guy who can only half-ass defend the belt isn't worthy of getting an instant rematch when he loses it.So no, Edgar doesn't deserve an instant rematch.

Fjaschler site profile image  

3/7/12 7:49 PM by Fjaschler

Meh, I personally felt it was a convincing win for Bendo and was looking forward to us finally leaving the rematch trap that was Edgar's reign at lw. Guess we'll have to put up with it one more time, sadly.

Chiron site profile image  

3/7/12 7:48 PM by Chiron

The upkick didn't slow Edgar down? Are you high? He was laying between Ben's knees hanging on for dear life after that until the round ended. Plus, did you see them going into the 5th round? Edgar was messed up and tired while Henderson looked like he just got done warming up. Ya, the scoring system is messed up. Why? Because Henderson clearly beat Edgar's ass but because it's arguable who landed more strikes (even though it's clear who landed the heavier ones) and because Edgar got some TD's that literally nothing were done with about 20% of fans are deluded enough to think that somehow warrants a giving Edgar the W. Going by any more proper scoring system Edgar lost even more than he did by the current 10-point system, not less.