Kimbo Slice to box MMA fighter

by Phil D. Jay | source:

Mike Glenn makes the switch from MMA to boxing later this month in a bit to halt Kimbo Slice's assault on the pro rankings and make a name for himself as a pugilist.

Glenn, 34, makes his boxing debut on the night after an extensive career in Mixed Martial Arts and is widely thought to be Kimbo's toughest test yet since turning professional in August last year.

The unbeaten Slice (3-0, 2 KO's) will make his fourth appearance in the boxing ring on the March 24th date at the O’Reilly Center in Springfield, Missouri in a rescheduled bout named 'Fight Night Returns.'

Slice, real name Kevin Ferguson, scored two spectacular first round knockout wins before he was taken the distance in a laboured performance against a game Charles Hackmann in December.

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Kanabull site profile image  

3/8/12 1:20 PM by Kanabull

I hope he does well. Do you not recognize the Kimbo phenomenon though? It does not matter where this guy goes, he is followed by an absurd amount of hype. EliteXC was pushing him as THE BEST MMA fighter on the planet when he had three pro fights against nobodies. There was talk about him fighting Fedor, and in an interview someone even asked Fedor about fighting Kimbo.I know none of that is his fault, but the stuff saying Kimbo is "making an assault on the pro rankings" is just another revival of the crazy hype that has always followed him. Don't get me wrong either, Kimbo is a far better boxer than mixed martial artists. But did you watch his last fight? He was gassed after round 1 and almost got KO'ed by a guy who was 0-0 as a boxer and like 3-4 as a mixed martial artist.My point is, you know there are people out there who when they hear about Kimbo winning boxing matches, think he will mop the floor with Klitschko. They obviously don't know any better, they probably don't even know who Klitschko is, but they for some reason assume they are watching one of the best on the planet, and that is the Kimbo phenomenon.What I'm saying is just like in MMA, they will have to keep padding his record because he cannot match up against a legit opponent. He just simply does not have the athletic ability to do so.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

3/8/12 9:38 AM by SKARHEAD

Why so much hate for man just trying to make a living ? You'd be happier if he was living in his van again, we all know.BTW pro boxer spend WAY MORE time going through WAY MORE cans than Kimbo has gone through so far. Young pro fighters are brought along MUCH slower than Kimbo will be boxing or MMA.

Bry Bry site profile image  

3/8/12 9:31 AM by Bry Bry

wait, there are guys boxing out there that are 2-22??they keep boxing for some reason??seriously..

Uriel site profile image  

3/8/12 6:08 AM by Uriel

 "This sounds just like how his epic cream filled MMA career started. After he drops a couple of losses in boxing, what combat sport will he dive into next for a short lived hype train?"

Seraldo Babalu site profile image  

3/8/12 5:52 AM by Seraldo Babalu

My best guess is either XARM or chessboxing.

KwikTempah site profile image  

3/7/12 2:27 PM by KwikTempah

could there be a better guy for Badr Hari to make his debut against ?

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

3/7/12 2:08 PM by ABE FROMAN

LOL, SOOO glad Kimbo left the goofball, always complaining MMA fans behind. Now they have to follow him just to continue bitching.

kostello site profile image  

3/7/12 1:52 PM by kostello

Kimbo is more successful than you.

slapnutz666 site profile image  

3/7/12 12:50 PM by slapnutz666

I know Glenn he's a tough dude he's goy the power to stop kimbo. My money is on Glenn.

jjj2121 site profile image  

3/7/12 11:26 AM by jjj2121

 Mike Glenn makes the switch from MMA to boxing later this month in a bit to halt Kimbo Slice's assault on the pro rankings and make a name for himself as a pugilist. LOLWUT.  Show me any reputable site that has Kimbo ranked anywhere. rating   615 / 1114  - this is on Boxrec...he is the 615th rated HW in the world.  For some perspective, the guy ranked 613th has a career record of 2-22-1.  252 / 411 - 252nd ranked American in the world. The assault is not quite an assault.