Notable details for TUF Live


-The fighters are already aware of their matchups for Friday's opener (however, they won't be released publicly). The matchups also will be announced for the following week's episode so UFC officials have a full week to publicize the fight and the fighter

-Although officials initially suggested that fans may get to vote to determine the matchups, that no longer will be the case, White said.

-Despite the live fights, there will be no fight broadcasters. UFC commentator Jon Anik will serve as a weekly host with White and will introduce that week's episode. However, once it's fight time, the sounds of the gym and the fight will take over the show while void of commentary.

-White will be involved in every episode. That means for UFC on FUEL TV 2 in Sweden, he'll be in Las Vegas for "TUF: Live" on Friday, hop on a jet that night, land in Stockholm, watch the fights, and then be back on the plane to Vegas five hours later.

-The fighters will, in fact, be cut off from the outside world for 13 weeks rather than the usual six. He said the usual restrictions (no phones, computers, personal calls, outside trips, etc.) will remain in place.

-The show editing will now be done on site. The editing of the show used to be outsourced, but with the need to package the show quickly and include footage that's sometimes just hours old, everything has moved to Las Vegas.

-The fighters will have no access to social media while on the show. While it would have marketing/promotional benefits, White convinced fellow co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta to nix any of the fighters' Twitter and Facebook use this season. However, White said he'll evaluate this season and may reconsider it for "TUF: Live 2."

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Recent Comments »

Body Shots site profile image  

3/9/12 10:51 AM by Body Shots

Sure this has been answered but how many live fights do we get to see tonight?

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

3/9/12 10:34 AM by Bobby Lupo

 Good post.

Broady site profile image  

3/9/12 10:17 AM by Broady

They should let them watch TV / Films and read books / magazines etc to keep somewhat sane. This is just Big Brother with more fighting.

choadler site profile image  

3/9/12 10:11 AM by choadler

I would go back to those 8 weeks of basic in a heartbeat if i didnt have family/responsibilities. Basic was fun. Some of the funniest moments of my life. No bs. Lots of characters there.

CindyO site profile image  

3/9/12 9:57 AM by CindyO

 A distraction. Look what people pushed Brian Caraway into saying for 2 hours straight the night before the biggest fight of Meisha's career. Plus we've seen fighters on TUF who were more interested in promoting themselves and doing dumb shit for camera time than training and fighting... and it sucked. If they aren't even allowed to watch TV or use a phone they dayum sure shouldn't be on the internet til after they're cut. They can't bring a book but the could possibly be given access to the internet where they can get their read on at millions of sites? They can't use the phone but they might gain the ability to e-mail, Facebook and Tweet anyone they want to? Perhaps a compromise; internet and social media access but on a very limited basis, since the season is longer. Cindy

Jason site profile image  

3/9/12 9:48 AM by Jason

I never thought about boot camp before when I hear people complain about the isolation. I did 12 weeks of boot camp! No television, no phone, computer, no contact with family and friends. And..... I ate shitty food if I had time in the 2 minutes to eat. Took a shower at the same time with 50 other dudes, got yelled at and made to do stupid shit all day. And ran or marched every freakin place you went or thing you did. Go told when to go to bed, went to eat, when it was ok to talk to other people.Living in a mansion and training for 13 weeks doesn't seem so bad in comparison :)

Stephen Holder site profile image  

3/9/12 9:29 AM by Stephen Holder

ok so initially they said they were gonna fight to get into the house like previous seasons. is this still the case? I don't see how they can have 16 fights in the span of one show live? even 8 would seem a lot?

bonersaurus site profile image  

3/9/12 9:01 AM by bonersaurus

Agreed. I think they will add it later. I'm surprised no phone calls as well. 13 weeks and a wife and kids could be very rough.

slamming site profile image  

3/9/12 8:51 AM by slamming

The social media aspect would have been interesting!

Nubinatub site profile image  

3/9/12 8:47 AM by Nubinatub

How are we going to see them get drunk now And act stupid now! And what about the pranks!