King Mo: Rashad will beat Jon Jones

source: chokeouttv

"Bolt got beat by Tyson Gay last year in the 100-meter dash and Usain Bolt was unbeatable at the 100-meter dash at one point. I saw the great Kobayashi get beat by Joey Chestnut at the hot dog eating contest. I saw Aleksandr Karelin get beat by Rulon Gardner. I saw Mike Tyson get defeated be Buster Douglas.

"I've seen everyone who was supposed to be unbeatable get beat. So, there is no such thing as unbeatable. Styles make match-up's you know what I'm saying?

I think Jon Jones is a great fighter and I think Rashad is a great fighter, but I think of styles and if Rashad has a great plan he can win. Same thing with Jon Jones, if he has the fight game plan he can win. But, I'm going with my boy Rashad, I've known him since college. That's my brother right there."

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ausgepicht site profile image  

5/12/12 5:28 PM by ausgepicht

OK, can we now agree that for now on, King Mo's picks are NOT discussed as news?

Liyon site profile image  

3/10/12 5:30 AM by Liyon

Rashad has to know "something" about Jones from the days they were training. He's basically the one that wants this fight and feels he can beat Jones. IMO, I don't believe Rashad feels he's more skilled than Jones. I believe that Rashad knows that Jones can't physically manhandle him like he has done with all his other opponents. Speaking nothing of his skillset, the biggest revelation to me about Jones is the fact that he completely manhandled Hamill, Bader, Rampage, Shogun, and Machida physically. It was like watching a college athlete competing against high school JV guys.

Ghetto-Top-Team site profile image  

3/10/12 4:52 AM by Ghetto-Top-Team

I fucking agree! Since when is being broke and incapable something to be proud of?   

Ghetto-Top-Team site profile image  

3/10/12 4:47 AM by Ghetto-Top-Team

I Agree 100%. Jones seems fake, arrogant and smug. I'm not a Rashad fan, but I do hope he shuts JJ up.   

PrettyBoy site profile image  

3/10/12 4:12 AM by PrettyBoy

Wtf are you talking about? I've never PM'ed you.As many posters on this fourm and fighters including King Mo can attest, I moved out of my parents basement some time ago. I now live in a beautiful 4 bedroom house in southern California. While I currently make ends meet by being an attorney, I am a former boxer and have been punched in the face before. I also have had sex... twice.So shut your whore mouth about having 50 bucks to spend with your girlfriends help. Next time be a good host and foot the bill cunt.

stonepony site profile image  

3/9/12 10:26 PM by stonepony

I'm wondering if Rashad really believes his talk about "this one time in training 10 years ago I held JJ down for 5 seconds, so, obviously I'm going to beat him"... How often did they practice? It says a lot, that he specifically remembers that one singular moment where he maintained top control for a minute. If it was going to be competitive when it comes to wrestling, shouldn't Rashad have been successful many times? He's always talking about that one time though.Jones hasn't been taken down, and he has fought big time wrestlers like Hammil and Matyushenko and Bader. Davis took Rashad down twice.

supersaiyan site profile image  

3/9/12 9:39 PM by supersaiyan

gonna be interesting to see overall imo...i like the Machida take for Shad tho..that could help him as well along with you fight analysis you presented. i would venture to say there has to be a serious level of respect from Jones towards SHad considering they actually trained together so he will definitely be wary and use methodic approaches (especially onthe ground) if it gets there.sHad should have learned a good lesson from MAchida when it comes to fighters with leg strike skills so distance would be a common sense move on SHads part.RAmpage proved tobe the biggest threat to Jones and that being as one dimensional as he is it still took 4 rounds for Bones to beat him. I truly feel Rashad has ALOT more to bring to the table. cant wait to see this fight tho:)

Warrenpeace site profile image  

3/9/12 9:26 PM by Warrenpeace

Rashad is going to beat jones, but that's rashad Johnson, and he's 17 right now and still developing his boxing skills in some city in America. Jones lose to rashad? Come on man.

Octagon Mom site profile image  

3/9/12 9:02 PM by Octagon Mom

it concerns me because there is such prevalent cocky attitude in this forum which is fine, but to get that from cheap bastards is where I draw the line.My agenda is to end douchebags from the internet one douchebag at a time. So if you pm me a angry filled message where you highlight the fact that you stream shitty quality broadcasts and somehow in your twisted reality you are a bigger fan because of some stupid join date on a mediocre forum, then that makes you a douchebag and you should get called out.Let us know what it's like the day you leave your moms basement and you meet a girl and convince her to come back to yours to watch the bootlegged fights and let us all know how quick that girls clam trap shuts.You sir are the loser.I have $50 dollars to spend with my girlfriends on a quality broadcast. You are a loser that has no friends willing to chip in a couple of dollars together.Thanks to all the losers PM my inbox with your awesome brave faceless comments.You all type like you have never been punched in the face.-Sandra

BJJkilla site profile image  

3/9/12 8:28 PM by BJJkilla

mo is friends with rashad and has trained with him in the past, not surprising he's picking rashad to win.