‘Bigfoot’ leaves Blackzilians, returns to ATT

by Guilherme Cruz | source: tatame.com

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva makes his UFC debut on May 26 in Las Vegas versus Roy Nelson. In an exclusive interview with Tatame.com, Silva reveals that he has returned to ATT and hopes to finish his camp training with JDS in Brazil.

Bigfoot not training with the Blackzilians is all the more notbale, as he light heartedly coined the team name, as the team had a lot of black and Brazilian members.

Bigfoot is coming off a loss to Daniel Cormier at the Strikeforce World Grand Prix semi finals, in the wake of parent company Zuffa shuttering the Strikeforce heavyweight division.

Guilherme Cruz: Roy Nelson is known for his tough chin. How do you see this fight?

Bigfoot: He is a really hard guy. That belly disguises many people. He is really hard and has fought big names. He has above average experience, can take many punches and he ain’t silly on the ground. Now I’m more motivated. There are losses that come more in handy than certain wins. God is giving me the opportunity to turn it around. That loss was good because now I’m a better person in my personal life, in my work and I see things differently.

GC: What are you doing in terms of preparation? Will you train at Team Nogueira, in Rio?

BF: First I’ll stay here in Florida, where I live. I’m training with the guys at American Top Team, and they opened the doors for me, thank God. I’m training with Thiago Silva, Sakara, with big names over there. Katel Kubis at Muay Thai, Parrumpinha at Jiu-Jitsu. When it’s six weeks before the event I’ll go down to Rio de Janeiro. I wanna be really well prepared, do like i did when I fought Fedor. I want that same mind, that same urge.

GC: How was it that you came back for ATT?

BF: Man, I always had friends at American Top Team. In 2009, after I fought Werdum I decided to leave the team, but I talked to everyone. I decided to diversify, have my own training camp. Back then there wasn’t many heavyweight fighters over there, I just trained with Jorge Santiago and Danilo Villefort, who were my sparrings.

GC: Roy Nelson fought Werdum and Cigano. You had a good relation with both athletes, despite having fought Werdum in the past. Are you calling them for tips?

BF: Of course. I’m sure that if I call Werdum he will give me some hint. I will want it, so I’ll get in touch. And it’s exactly the same with Cigano. I’ll see if I can spend a week with him in Salvador or if he can come down to Rio. Yesterday I talked to coach Dorea and I’m also talking to Cigano. It’s one thing training and setting a good game plan. Another thing is knowing things from guys he has fought, to know how strong he is, the way he moves… Those tips will be very welcome.

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Ghost of That Feel site profile image  

3/11/12 9:45 AM by Ghost of That Feel

Shouldn't he be DQ'd for that? As far as I know, it's not allowed to bring other people with you into the octagon.

UGCTT_Paul_Blanka_Harris site profile image  

3/11/12 8:21 AM by UGCTT_Paul_Blanka_Harris

really somebody's mom is in the ug

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3/10/12 12:14 AM by UGCTT_ZJJitsu705

 lol this is breaking news? I saw him there in person on February 25th

BJJkilla site profile image  

3/9/12 8:29 PM by BJJkilla

i thought he left last year to join team nogueira?

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

3/9/12 8:16 PM by Bobby Lupo

 Sparring with Sakara.

Octagon Mom site profile image  

3/9/12 7:51 PM by Octagon Mom

He looks like a bad guy from a James Bond movie.-Sandra

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

3/9/12 11:47 AM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

he didn't want to lose by rnc