Benson wants to fight every UFC lightweight


“I will fight anybody that Dana White puts inside the cage against me. I want to fight every UFC 55 pounder on the roster, I want to beat all of them. I want to be that dilemma child for Joe Silva and for Sean Shelby. I want them to be like, ‘Oh man, who are we going to give to Henderson next? Who is he going to fight next? He beat the entire roster, who is he going to fight next?’

The fan in me feels, Frankie (Edgar) had a very tough situation, he had a rough road with two rematches right away, so the fan in me feels that he deserves, he had to put himself on the line and … I don’t think you guys really understand when I say this, I want to fight everybody, I’m going to beat everybody, just line them up. But they are going to have to work their way up to me.”

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DaemonDragon site profile image  

3/12/12 11:21 PM by DaemonDragon

Haha. Pretty funny. Please explain who does deserve the shot then? Frankie who just got dominated and is coming off a loss? Miller who Bendo already destroyed? Nate who has only won two straight, has a much worse career track record at LW than Pettis, and unlike Pettis has never beaten Bendo?SOMEONE has to fight Bendo. The most deserving guy by far is Melendez - however that cannot happen due to television politics. The Miller/Diaz winner should get the next shot but you can't just sideline the perfectly healthy champ for that fight to happen, that would be stupidity.So it comes down to Frank or Pettis. They are the *only* candidates. And Pettis clearly has the better case because he *beat* Bendo, while Frankie *lost* to Bendo. That's a humongous difference. The guy who already beat the champ obviously should be ahead of the guy who got decisively beaten by the champ.Also Pettis' wins are pretty impressive, and his 'loss' to Guida was like a non-fight and very close. Jeremy Stephens is a very legit win (and there is no way that fight should have been a split decision, it was a clear 29-28 for Pettis), and beating Lauzon in round 1 is legit too.Now under normal circumstances two wins like that don't get you a title shot but absolutely nobody in the UFC LW division has a better streak than Pettis. Plus Pettis beat Bendo pretty recently - barely a year ago. Plus that was a FOTY candidate, so the Pettis-Bendo II fight has big time sex appeal, so to speak :) It's clearly the $$$ fight.So both promoter logic (profits) and record analysis logic say Pettis should be getting the shot. Saying Pettis doesn't deserve it and that's a "fact" makes you look like a goofball. No offense but such a silly thing to man man, seriously.

goku site profile image  

3/12/12 10:26 PM by goku

Weasely? Give me a break. If Dana toldHim to fight Pettis next he would no problem. The truth is Pettis doesn't deserve a title shot based on his recent fights. That's just a fact.

Drewjits site profile image  

3/12/12 10:13 PM by Drewjits

Bj penn would own him

Drewjits site profile image  

3/12/12 10:08 PM by Drewjits

Bring back Bj to fight him for his belt. A motivated Bj will destroy him.

DaemonDragon site profile image  

3/12/12 9:33 PM by DaemonDragon

I really love Bendo, he's one of my faves.However IMO he's definitely being somewhat weaselly and political here. He knows Pettis is a tougher challenge for him than Frankie (obviously, since Pettis beat him while he dominated Frankie). So he's talking about how Pettis has to earn his way up.Which is silly because absolutely nobody in the LW is on a streak, and Frankie most certainly has not "worked his way up" since he's coming off a loss. Outside of Melendez, Pettis is by far the most obvious and deserving contender.My love for Bendo remains strong, but I think it's fairly clear he's much less eager to fight Pettis than any other lightweight. I think a combination of Bendo politicking and Frankie begging for a rematch is what caused the UFC to change from Pettis being given the shot, to Frankie getting a rematch.It's really quite the BS situation, since Dana already announced Pettis as getting the shot, then somehow then caved to the combined Bendo/Edgar pressure and put Frankie in there again - despite it making no logical sense in terms of worthiness, and not being the "money" and sexy fight like Bendo-Pettis II would be.

ausgepicht site profile image  

3/12/12 8:40 PM by ausgepicht

He should start by beating Edgar for the first time.

elgringo site profile image  

3/12/12 8:36 PM by elgringo

Doesn't every single fighter say this exact thing in every single interview?"I want to fight everyone out there! It's all up to the promoters"

semtex0809 site profile image  

3/12/12 8:32 PM by semtex0809


lormpino site profile image  

3/12/12 8:18 PM by lormpino

Nate Diaz .