Pettis considering drop to 145 lbs. to challenge Aldo for title


That means Pettis will have to fend off another round of lightweight hopefuls to keep his spot in line. Or he can do what Edgar wouldn't, and shed some skin to give "Junior" the fits in a featherweight title fight. A move his manager tells Ariel Helwani (via UFC Tonight) is currently under consideration.

"I spoke to Anthony's manager just a few hours ago and he told me that he was really disappointed, but he respects the decision. He would consider going down to 145 to fight Aldo. This is definitely something to monitor."

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mje364 site profile image  

3/15/12 1:08 PM by mje364

Guess not :/

ThePoopWizard site profile image  

3/14/12 5:55 PM by ThePoopWizard

Mendes: yayah Koch and cub should all be top ten. Cub already fought Aldo lol.Porier: just garza grispi was a top ten and now flopped. If he beats kz that's two tens.Kz: mark hominick and if he beats porier his second. I watched him beat mark the 2nd time live against omigawa Is debatable it wasn't clearly hioki. and no I didn't say beating roop in a boring way is worse is better than getting koed by him. I'm saying recent performance against top competition places everyone I mentioned above hioki. Hioki was in japan beating mostly guys no ones heard of. Marlon sandro is great I watched him get decapitated by curran. Although he did well in the boxing. He's in bellator.Hioki hasn't beaten any top ufc guys in a while. Mark h is it for guys fighting Aldo. I'm biased I put the ufc guys far above most all out side orgs other than pat curran and sandro in bellator who is there?Hioki needs to beat mendes or porier/kz or yayah or cub or someone recognizable. He's number two because he was untested by great guys but on a huge streak.

ThePoopWizard site profile image  

3/14/12 5:55 PM by ThePoopWizard

Nick Diaz had to fight a legend to even get a interim belt. I wouldn't be pissed if he got a shot I just think guys who've been in the ufc fighting deserve there shot first. I've been watching mma long enough to know your riding hiokis balls. I'm more a sceptic like I said he will fight for the title. But I don't believe it's his turn. Hate on it . Get shit on

Wasa-B site profile image  

3/14/12 4:25 PM by Wasa-B

Who are Poirier and TKZ's 2 top 10 wins and how are they more deserving than Hioki? Hioki beating Roop is "awful" but TKZ getting KTFO by him makes him more worthy? Who were Mendes 2 top 10 wins? You've never heard of Marlon Sandro?You didnt know Hioki beat Hominick twice?You didnt know Hioki was robbed against Omigawa?You dont know that Hioki is ranked #2 and has been for a while? So you started watching MMA 2 months ago?

ColdKiller X site profile image  

3/14/12 4:03 PM by ColdKiller X

Pettis should be sent over to Strikeforce to fight Gil for his belt. Both guys deserve a top fighter right now...

that new guy site profile image  

3/14/12 3:05 PM by that new guy

Would be interesting. If Aldo wins he goes to 155 like he should be doing.

ChucoV site profile image  

3/14/12 3:02 PM by ChucoV

I like Pettis, I do, but Aldo IS in a league of his own. AP does have great stand-up, but I see Aldo's as being better. I don't even have to mention the ground game. It would be a great fight though.

biggator site profile image  

3/14/12 2:44 PM by biggator

pettis is the man and deserves all his hype. brings it in fights and isnt afraid of a loss like some point fighters. Just puts on good fights.

DamnSevern site profile image  

3/14/12 1:35 PM by DamnSevern

would be amazing