Thiago Silva: I think Brandon Vera broke a nail


On Janurary 1st, 2011 Thiago Silva battered Brandon Vera for three rounds before the referee called a stop to the bout. Vera was then released by the UFC having suffered his 3rd consecutive lost.

Thiago Silva then tested postive for an anabolic agent and was suspended for a year by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. With that information, the UFC reversed their decision and brought Vera back into the UFC and has since gone 1-0.

Fast-forward a year and Thiago Silva has served his sentence and the UFC, in booking his first fight back offered him Brandon Vera, a rematch both fighters were looking for. Unfortunately Vera had to pull out of the bout, but Silva doesn't necessarily believe his story:

“I re-injured my back 45 days before the fight with Brandon Vera. After not fighting for a year, I made the decision to not pull out of the fight,” wrote Silva in a statement last April. “I also decided that the only way I could continue with the fight was to take injections in my back and spine that contained substances prohibited by the Nevada Athletic Commission. I also made the decision to use a product to hide the presence of these substances in a urine test.”

"For me there is not much to change, but I actually wanted to get Brandon Vera because he talked a lot of nonsense,” Silva said. “He took a beating like a little girl and was crying afterwards. I think [this time] he broke a nail, so he couldn't fight. They offered the Croation [Prokrajac], then Nogueira was hurt -- I don't choose my opponents, so I accepted [the fight with Gustafsson]. I'm happy to be in the main fight of the night, and I will show why I should be there."

"I haven’t fought, but I didn’t stop [training]. I am 100 percent in full swing. I'm very excited; the anticipation is huge to fight again. I'm too hungry for a fight,” he said.

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SonnendbySilva site profile image  

2/7/14 4:02 PM by SonnendbySilva

Lol good bump

MMA Playwright site profile image  

2/7/14 3:13 PM by MMA Playwright

No shit. He carries a gun.

CaptChaos site profile image  

3/16/12 12:09 PM by CaptChaos

Thiago is always fun to watch and always comes to fight. Soemone said he was being manhandled by Houston Alexander and was losing to James Irvin... LOLOL at that. Huston was a fast starter but once he weathered the storm it went all down hill for him. It's a fight remember. It's not how you start it's how you finish. AND James Irvin is a fraud imo. He has taken more falls than any UFC fighter in history. If he doesn't get the quick KO he bails. Watch his fight with Luiz cane... Irvin was faking the injury and he may have done the same in the Thiago fight cause he couldn't put him away right off the bat...

Client 9 site profile image  

3/16/12 9:16 AM by Client 9


NotJustA12er site profile image  

3/16/12 8:34 AM by NotJustA12er

Vera is shit . Silva is good fighter . No hate , just the truth !

Anomonis site profile image  

3/16/12 7:36 AM by Anomonis

How many fighters come out of the favelas looking for money? Fuck Silva. You're a cheater. To insult Vera at this point reveals what a guttertrash thug you are. Fuck off. We can pull another half dozen out of the slum where you came from. Show some respect, clown.

TheTankEngine site profile image  

3/16/12 7:15 AM by TheTankEngine

As opposed to your physical psyche ?

Megatherium site profile image  

3/16/12 5:44 AM by Megatherium

I really hope to see a rematch. I think Vera catches an even bigger ass kicking the second time.

NotJustA12er site profile image  

3/16/12 5:12 AM by NotJustA12er

Disagree 100% with all that shit . Thanks for posting .

NotJustA12er site profile image  

3/16/12 5:10 AM by NotJustA12er

Good idea .