Gracie: UFC could move UFC fighter to Strikeforce for Melendez

by Guilherme Cruz | source:

“Melendez’s situation is complex right now. We still don’t have an opponent, date or place set… They said he could fight in San Jose but it’ll probably change. They mentioned Josh Thomson but then said it was not going to happen”, Cesar told TATAME.

BJ Penn and Anthony Perris are among the options, and Cesar wouls love to see Melendez against them.

“I spoke to Joe Silva (UFC’s matchmaker) and he told me maybe some UFC fighters will go to Strikeforce. We would really like to see him fighting Pettis or BJ, but we are still not sure about what’s going to happen”.

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fightharder site profile image  

3/15/12 10:49 PM by fightharder

Sorry but if they ''force'' Pettis to move to strikeforce for the Melendez fight i am officially beginning a support group for the guy because he is structurally getting screwed over.They should have given Pettis the titleshot against Hendo. I love Frankie but he lost fair and square and should have moved to fight either Melendez or another opponent in the lightweight division.He should get the next titleshot regardless of the outcome of the next Bendo Edgar fight (Bendo will take it again).The only fighter moving from the UFC to Strikeforce (as opposed to fighting Melendez while he moves from Strikeforce to the UFC) is BJ. I do think it would make an interesting fight but if Melendez would get the W in that one they have to move him to the UFC (or hope that some really great talent comes through the lightweight division in the near future at Strikeforce).

mrwhipple site profile image  

3/15/12 6:32 PM by mrwhipple

Yeah, he should be punished for signing with the wrong "team". I mean who really wants to see who the real number 1 LW in the world is, right?

kanodogg2 site profile image  

3/15/12 6:26 PM by kanodogg2

Wouldn't be fair to showtime IMO

kanodogg2 site profile image  

3/15/12 6:25 PM by kanodogg2

this right here. Fuck Melendez and Cesar, they made their choice, now deal with it.

mrwhipple site profile image  

3/15/12 6:22 PM by mrwhipple

Yes, he choose to resign with them but he wasn't a free agent, he was still bound by a champions clause: to sign with the UFC you're asking him not only take a pay cut but sit out and not earn for at least a year. That's asking a lot of a fighter with a limited window to make money.But what does it matter if he signed with the UFC or Strikeforce, Zuffa bought Strikeforce. Now Zuffa has perhaps the #1 LW under contract. We should be demanding they pit him against their other top LW instead of wasting him on Showtime.

GtheMVP site profile image  

3/15/12 5:47 PM by GtheMVP

The titles should be unifed. I bet if Pettis or BJ knew that being SF champ meant UFC unification eventually would entice them, as well as $$$

unclehulka13 site profile image  

3/15/12 4:55 PM by unclehulka13

Yes really. Dude is legit for sure. But lemley damm and ishida? That's not really elite competition. He's getting screwed over in SF for sure, I just wanna see himMatched up with a top 10lw. And don't say Aoki. That fight was awful to watch

Paradiso site profile image  

3/15/12 4:36 PM by Paradiso

Not true. His contract was up and he chose to resign with Strikeforce.

kizzy site profile image  

3/15/12 4:20 PM by kizzy

Paradiso he didn't have a choice, he was bound to strikeforce by a champions clause, he had to resign with them

Mudderfaeg site profile image  

3/15/12 4:09 PM by Mudderfaeg

Sending Penn or Pettis to strike force would be a disrespect to both of them. Actually, sending any one from the UFC to SF would be a disrespect in general.