UFC Attorney: People that steal our stuff are not our fans

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Several days ago the UFC obtained user information from Greenfeedz.com, a website that charged individuals to watch pirated PPV events.

The number of customer records is "voluminous," according to Julie Cohen Lonstein, a lawyer with an anti-Piracy firm representing the UFC.

Lonstein, who previously targeted commercial infringers such as bars/restaurants, said the legal damages pursued by the UFC aren't limited to the cost of a PPV event.

"There wouldn't be any sense in asking people to pay what they should have paid," said Lonstein. "Otherwise, there's no future deterrent to piracy. So Zuffa has the right to request significantly more under the copyright violations and the [Digital Millennium Copyright Act]."

UFC chief legal counsel Lawrence Epstein said "millions" have been recovered from those who directly profited from such activity.

"I think through this seizure, I think we're going to be able to find lots of names, emails, telephone numbers and sometimes even addresses to identify those people that are watching illegally," Epstein said .

"We love our fans," Epstein added. "We've got some of the greatest fans in the world, and all the success we've had with the UFC is directly attributable to those fans. But people that steal our stuff – they're not our fans. If you're a huge (GSP)  fan, would you steal from him? I don't think so. So we love our fans, we respect our fans, but people who steal from us, frankly, aren't our fans."

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Gorilla Butt site profile image  

3/18/12 1:05 PM by Gorilla Butt

is it stealing if you download something that you wouldn't intend to pay for anyways?I don't think that is stealing. People steal things they feel they want or need.

Humphrey site profile image  

3/18/12 2:14 AM by Humphrey

well ignoring the size of the two, bellator is the only real league anyway. you actually have to earn title shots there. not have them handed to you because you rock at twitter, and saying stupid things on sound bytes.

Bo Bice site profile image  

3/18/12 2:14 AM by Bo Bice

Hmm pay money or watch free online with zero lag n HD quality...What a conundrum

God Bless Tim Tebow site profile image  

3/18/12 1:59 AM by God Bless Tim Tebow

To think I was gonna order 146 and 147. Lmao.No thanks, iHD stream for me. You mad Dana?

inf0 site profile image  

3/18/12 1:59 AM by inf0

I predict Bellator will raise in popularity to the point it will challenge the UFC...

outtrigger site profile image  

3/18/12 1:53 AM by outtrigger

I bought every PRIDE PPV even thou I could just stream them for free. UFC's?? Fu$k Dana and his UFC PPV that's what

Humphrey site profile image  

3/17/12 11:59 PM by Humphrey

i think if you're going to ask them to qualify what they claim they're losing, you'd also have to qualify how much they're making because someone streamed an event and it was the catalyst that made them become a fan, and purchase events later.Streaming is not one dimensional. it's stealing still, but there are still positive consequences from it.For instance, i download software from newsgroups that I've never used before. If I like it, I buy it. but more so than that, I buy the next "X" versions as they come out. and of that is due to getting an illegal copy the first time.

Acidic site profile image  

3/17/12 7:42 PM by Acidic

 Of course im not youre fan. Im a fan of the fighters and the sport. it can be called GFC for all I give a shit.

valetudosuperfight site profile image  

3/17/12 7:14 PM by valetudosuperfight

The UFC would have to be deprived of something for it to have been 'stolen'. Is there any proof that 2000 people who view something illegally were going to/were capable of viewing it legally? I have plenty of copies of things that otherwise I would never experienced otherwise if forced to pay the 'market' price. Streaming UFC 144 and setting it up on your neighborhood projection screen, yeah I could see DW being pissed off about that. What this gets down too is, "You're only a fan if you give me money, all the time."Whether there is any legal justification for this does not matter; it's still bullshit.

horsesteroids site profile image  

3/17/12 6:43 PM by horsesteroids

What's next, collecting names and numbers of people who watched the show at a friend's house and didn't pitch in?Welcome to the 21st century, where the economy sucks and readily available cheap and/or free entertainment on the Internet is held in higher regard than actual liberty. Dana should stop trying to out Vince McMahon Vince McMahon and just worry about putting out something people want to pay to see or at least make casuals realize Spike in no longer "the UFC channel" despite all of the counter programming they get to do based on making them honor their contract until 2013(Why? Why not just let them switch to Bellator already? Does Zuffa really even want fans who'll be saying "Bellator? I used to watch that when it was still called UFC. Is Brock Lesnar still fighting?," after the switch does happen?)I hope the UFC doesn't try to sue up some money from small frys who watch the streams over those who actually profit from hosting/providing them just to make up for a lack of marketable fights and fighters. I'm not saying they don't have a right to protect their copyright but it would destroy their public image in the process. UFC is supposed to be the new WWF, not the new Metallica.