Vick KOs Cruickshank; TUF Live, Episode 2 recap



Unlike the debut episode's one-round fights, tonight's fight is a two-round affair, with one sudden-victory frame available in case of a draw. Another new feature is debuted, as "Keys to Victory" are revealed for both fighters before they square off. Vick enjoys a six-and-a-half reach advantage according to the tale of the tape.

Round 1 - Referee Herb Dean starts the action. Cruickshank does a good job of moving in and out in the early going while Vick looks to work from the center of the cage. Vick looks a little tentative, but Cruickshank isn't exactly cashing in during the early going. The pace picks up as the round wears on, and a confident Cruickshank looks to shoot in. Unfortunately, he walks right into a huge right knee, and he's out cold. Incredible finish, and the gym goes crazy.

James Vick def. Daron Cruickshank via knockout (knee) - Round 1, 2:16.

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DanCrase site profile image  

3/18/12 4:03 PM by DanCrase

I wouldn't call it "lucky" but a knee wasn't the move Vick was going for; he was going for a round kick (and a lazy one at that) and simply leverage, plus Cruickshank shooting in made it a solid impact.Fair play to Vick, though; he was losing the round and managed to pull off what could no doubt be one of the highlight ko's of the season.I really felt for Chiesa, awesomely supportive of his dad to hold on just long enough to see his son get into the house, which will raise his stock immensely; win or lose. When he told Sam Sicilia what had happened; I got a lump in my throat. Really hoping he comes through and does him and his father proud

Student of The Game site profile image  

3/18/12 3:50 PM by Student of The Game

People keep saying it was luck or a lucky shot?? Sounds like sour grapes to me. Your boy got slept, plain and simple so STFU.

Barragan site profile image  

3/17/12 12:53 PM by Barragan

I personally thought there was a predominantly an enormous degree of luck in Vick's win. Doesn't bother me as a fighter cannot rely purely on luck to win. If his skills are not up to par he'll simply lose his next fight.

octowussy site profile image  

3/17/12 12:41 PM by octowussy

He was doing exactly what his coaches were asking him to do, which was 2-3 headkick.

Oblivious site profile image  

3/17/12 12:17 PM by Oblivious

Great episode last night, both coaches came across well in terms of talking to their fighters.Cruz definitely punked faber, I don't know much about these guys outside of their fighting so it shall be interesting to see how faber responds. Also for the first time because there is no (or little) time delay in filming and airing, the coaches will know within a few days how they come across in the episode. They will get responses from family and friends both negative and positive in how they are perceived and this may in itself cause a lot more fireworks then previous seasons as the coaches can remedy looking like a dumbass for the next episode.Should be great

epwar site profile image  

3/17/12 11:53 AM by epwar

GIF of last night's KO:

fightharder site profile image  

3/17/12 11:16 AM by fightharder

Jesus,Cruz made Faber look bad. I still think Faber should have picked the Lawrence. He looked leaps and bounds above the other fighers and in the end i really comes down to one winner (you of course hope that the rest of the team does well but if you are not coaching the winner then what is the use....from a competition perspective).Anyways Cruz is winning the ''mind''games. First he is picking the guy who expressed he wanted to be on Faber's team and then he basically showed that everybody on team Faber fears Lawrence and made Faber look bad in the process.Personally i like Faber's type of personality a lot better but is seems Cruz is the better fighter but more importantly the better coach until now.As for the knockout,it was nice but it was very lucky. I personally do not like Vick at all. I do think he has potential because of his length and decent boxing skills but i thought he should have lost the first fight (really do not understand why people where not a little more critical about that decision) and got lucky in this fight (in my humble opinion). What bothered my is that he did not do at all what his coaches asked him to do (throw combinations,create distance with his jab,use effective footwork).But perhaps i am missing something and the kid will keep on winning. I will be very surprised though.Nice enough kid though so i do not begrudge him getting the W or anything.He has potential but clearly is one of the weaker fighters in the house in my eyes (so do not really understand why Dana was singing his praises like he always believed that guy was a sleeper).Lawrence looks incredible though. His wrestling looked very strong indeed. Think he will take the W but really looking forward to the next fight (will Marcello get something off from the bottom).

rowil site profile image  

3/17/12 6:41 AM by rowil

<blockquote>BooZe - He tried to play a game there, good thing Faber didn't fall for it <img src="/images/phone/droid.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/></blockquote><br />Faber did fall for it. By being unable to pick one of his guys he showed he's scared of Lawrence. Cruz (and Lawrence) showed they have balls by picking Marcello on the other hand.

figure four site profile image  

3/17/12 6:26 AM by figure four

he could have sacrificed a lesser fighter...and letting lawrence wait for the quarters...guaranteeing a better finalsbetter as in... he will have more time in prepping his better fighters, then just putting them on the was a good move in letting cruz pick himself...

Kid_dynamite319 site profile image  

3/17/12 6:02 AM by Kid_dynamite319

That Texas accent is pissing me off and im from Texas! Oh well I guess Cruciank will be careful and wont shoot from the outside.. or be more patient when shooting so he can cat the leg.. and blast him off his feet!