Sonnen: TRT is good, Rampage is a crybaby


Chael Sonnen just made an appearance on the new Spike TV's new "MMA Uncensored Live" with hosts Craig Carton, Mike Straka and Nate Quarry. Excerpts appear below.

On Rampage

"I like him. Look, he's a crybaby, but I find it entertaining. I like it when he goes on his campaigns about entitlement and how he should be given easy fights. I don't agree with any of it, but, you gotta understand, everybody's gonna stumble, at times, but to miss weight at a fight poorly, when you're paid what he's paid -- he's the second highest paid fighter in the industry now that Brock Lesnar is retired -- it kind of puts him in a different ballpark. A lot of things are expected of him and he's not quite delivering. But as far as retirement talk, the guy ought to be able to have a bad performance here and there. Randy Couture, the greatest of all time, had bad performances, but he always came back."


"There's two things there. Hold on. If you're gonna associate the guy with TRT, make sure you also associate the fact that it's legal and it's not banned. Second thing with TRT is people are really getting confused. They look at TRT and they're missing the stuff that really is good. TRT is eight, nine or ten on the list of things they could take to help their careers. Secondly, any time a person says 'performance enhancer,' stop talking to them, because they don't have the intellect to debate with you."

Carton interjected and challenged Sonnen to say he was not using PEDs.

"I wanna make this point. I would never take anything if I didn't think it would help my performance. That's what medicine is in 21st Century America. Imagine if you go to the doctor and say, 'Doc, I'm feeling great. You got anything that can bring me down a notch?' That's malpractice. It's all meant to help your performance."

Carton accuses Sonnen of taking testosterone right before his UFC 117 fight with Anderson Silva.

"No, no, no. Absolutely not. Not only did I not take more of it, I was never even accused of that. Josh Gross, who's incompetent beyond measure, went on ESPN and said that I did, so it became my reality and I went with it. I was never even accused of that. Is it legal or is it not legal? If a person's taking a legal substance, that's the end of the conversation. You're sounding a lot like Josh Gross."

On the rematch with Anderson Silva.

"Couple of things: First off, I don't even know if I have that fight. I'm telling people I do. I'm reading about it in the media. I don't have an agreement for that bout. And, second off, I'm gonna start in April. So, we haven't even begun yet."

"Listen, here's the deal with Anderson. My beef isn't so much with him, it's with everybody else. I get real sick and tired of seeing guys in the back asking him for his autograph with him, and then when they get on camera themselves, they portray themselves like they're tough guys. If you put a microphone in somebody's face, and he calls out anybody other than the champion, he might as well just turn in his pink slip. If you're not here to be the best, get to the end of the line. You don't belong. I'm not sidestepping this guy or anybody else. You know, any time someone publicly slaps Dana White in the face, publicly spits on Lorenzo Ferttita, I don't understand that. When Anderson comes out and he publicly says, 'I disagree with you' to the decision makers, the guys who put the process in place, who say, 'Here's how we're gonna determine a number one contender,' tells these guys he's got a better idea of their business than they do, I don't really understand that. So, that's not really a slight at me when Anderson says that, but he is telling his bosses that he disagrees with them."

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Str4nger D4nger site profile image  

3/16/12 6:39 PM by Str4nger D4nger

Dude is such a politician. Notice how he manages to answer questions without bothering to actually answer them. If the question is pressed further he starts attacking the interviewer. Seriously though, this steroid witch hunt needs to die. The only way we can rid sports of the advantages of roids is by putting everyone on roids. Problem solved, you're welcome.

jasonhightower site profile image  

3/16/12 6:13 PM by jasonhightower

Bhealthy, there are medical organizations who can define what normal is. In this case The Endocrine Society.

bhealthy site profile image  

3/16/12 5:34 PM by bhealthy

if i have low footspeed, hand-eye coordination, muscle strength, and reflxes, low punching and kicking power, low grip strength then i should be able to bring three other guys to help me fight against the other guy, because our combined strength is only equal to the 'normal' strength of a normal 39 year old fighter. NORMAL FOR WHO? as long as you have some bureau of suited nutless psychopaths sitting in a room negociating what ""normal" levels are, ther will ALWAYS be massive wiggle room for cheaters. this is how you got your financial crisis/ housing bubble

jasonhightower site profile image  

3/16/12 1:13 PM by jasonhightower

I don't really see how TRT is considered performance enhancing, AS LONG AS one is testing at any time within the normal levels (I.e. 400 - 800). Testosterone is natural anyway and getting to the normal level should not be an issue, but would be dependent that there is year long random testing.I had several symptoms of Low T and just started TRT this week. Normal levels are between 400 - 800 roughly... I tested at 162. Never done steroids or anything that is known to cause Low T. I felt results almost immediately and will experience more improvements over time to "get back to normal" for 39 year old guy.

bhealthy site profile image  

3/16/12 12:33 PM by bhealthy

how many years has this cheater been making excuses for cheating? cheating repeatedly and losing while doing it has usually not gone over well with fans that embrace the cheater mantality. if you cheat and win, they will ride your bandwagon as long as you are winng in thier usual cowardly fashion. they need to take TRT, HGH, steroids of all kinds, PCP, cocaine, speed, epo, off of the list of banned substances so that people like phael will not be stugmatized. what i dont understand is why someone as vocal as phael is not really pushing hard to get Fudd to make a PED user division for the fans that are really into that shit. there are more than enough to support it. look at WWE and womens body building, they are ddoing very well.bev francis would be the #1 female MMA-player within a year.

notsobigmike site profile image  

3/16/12 12:20 PM by notsobigmike

That's one of the reasons I think the whole system needs to be revisited.It seems like a very arbitrary line on what constitutes a "supplement" that's okay to take in order to help your performance, and what constitutes an unfair advantage.

CKH09 site profile image  

3/16/12 11:50 AM by CKH09

I have feeling that Silva doesn't take Chael talking about his wife as marketing.

Anomonis site profile image  

3/16/12 11:14 AM by Anomonis

He knows it is like WWE. It is marketing, nothing more. He is a reasonable man. The kids who hate at him are more in the WWE mentality than he is, he is just marketing.

Anomonis site profile image  

3/16/12 11:12 AM by Anomonis

How is taking TRT to bring your testosterone to an equal level as your opponent a "huge advantage"? Bullshit nonsense.

mijo site profile image  

3/16/12 11:08 AM by mijo

Chael Sonnen has a record that speaks for itself. I believe if anyone can beat Anderson, its Chael Sonnen. Im a huge Anderson Silva fan, because it stems from being a huge Chute Boxe fan. To be honest its going to come to an end eventually. I dog on Chael alot, but the man has a great record. He fought the best, and won and lost to the best. His antics are piss poor though, and his fans seem to think its all legit, but its reminded me of WWE, since the beginning.