Bisping vs. Boetsch booked for UFC 148


Top European middleweight and UFC contender Michael Bisping (22-4) came so close to earning himself a title shot against Anderson Silva in his last outing, but a razor-thin decision loss to Chael Sonnen put his championship hopes on hold.

However, his next fight has been confirmed and "The Count" will be back in action on July 7th in Las Vegas, where he'll meet Tim Boetsch.

Both men have verbally agreed to the matchup, and contracts are expected to be finalised shortly.

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trianglezilla site profile image  

3/23/12 5:04 AM by trianglezilla

Boetsch called him out dude.

BrettAwesome site profile image  

3/22/12 3:01 PM by BrettAwesome

Come off it, he's been saying 'I'll beat Hendo if we fight again' since he woke up from the H-Bomb. Hendo is titleshot-level at MW, and Bisping knows that fight won't happen any time soon for many reasons.He actually said that he thinks Boetsch is a harder opponent than Munoz would have been. Surprised he managed to keep a straight face.It's almost a cert that this fight was booked by looking at the 'top' UFC middleweights and figuring out which one Bisping would have the best shot against - the slow, lumbering sloppy brawler who is flavour of the month after a miracle comeback win from a fight he was getting molested in. I actually like Boetsch but this reeks.

kingbisping site profile image  

3/22/12 2:51 PM by kingbisping

weidmann is all hype bisping eats bjj guys for breakfast we all know that. munoz would be a tough fight and one id like to see

Himinahomina site profile image  

3/22/12 2:50 PM by Himinahomina

He's just called out Hendo for a rematch. I wouldn't call that ducking fights.

BrettAwesome site profile image  

3/22/12 2:44 PM by BrettAwesome

I really don't know how this can be construed as anything other than Bisping getting favourable booking/ducking folk to get the easiest fight possible. Story of his entire career. Every time he has taken a significant step up in competition he has failed.

ramit upper site profile image  

3/21/12 8:33 AM by ramit upper

 LOL @ people tryng to discredit Boetsch as an opponent for Bisping. He knocks out a top ranked MW yet he`s somehow not worthy of a fight with a guy who is supposedly "overrated" & is also coming off a defeat? You guys crack me up.

UGCTT_UncleCameron site profile image  

3/21/12 7:20 AM by UGCTT_UncleCameron

I believe in Boestch

InspiritMick site profile image  

3/21/12 7:20 AM by InspiritMick

You gotta beat the man who beat the man. Boetsch win against Okami put him right up there

Glovegate site profile image  

3/21/12 7:00 AM by Glovegate

Welcome to the MW division.

Fight! UK Online site profile image  

3/21/12 6:08 AM by Fight! UK Online

If Belfort wins then I'd say he's back in contention.