Jones: Evans doesn't have my number


My opponent and I used to train together at coach Greg Jackson’s gym here in Albuquerque, N.M.; we were training partners and friends. Now we are going to fight for the UFC world title in Atlanta next month.

My opponent believes he "has my number" because of the time we spent training. While he is obviously familiar with how I fight, I am familiar with him too, and we didn't spend that much time training together. If you added up all the days we worked out together or sparred, we probably only trained together for a month. That's a ton of time to observe someone, but it's not like we spent years training with each other.

And I’ve learned more in this past year after my opponent left the gym than in any other year in my career. A year ago I was preparing to meet another young contender – Ryan Bader – then I was offered the title shot on six weeks’ notice against Shogun Rua. Since then, I have defended the belt against Rampage Jackson and Lyoto Machida, two legends in the UFC.

To do all that, I had to grow so much as a fighter and my opponent isn't thinking it through if he believes I am the same fighter I was even 12 months ago.

You’ve seen it in other sports, when a young guy comes on the scene and does well, people get excited and start writing and saying "this guy can’t be beat.” There’s a lot of hype about me right now; some media experts are saying I am unbeatable, but I know it's not true. I wouldn't bust my tail so hard in the gym if I was unbeatable.

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Recent Comments »

Nonlinear site profile image  

3/20/12 9:16 PM by Nonlinear

Jones is going to bring the Robert Bales to Rashad's Afghan village.

Chris24 site profile image  

3/20/12 9:10 PM by Chris24

Yea right anyone would have beat Shogun that night, haha. Jones has walked thru every opponent he has faced, including fighters Evans has more than struggled with. Knocked out Cold by Machida, Rampage was never hurt by Evans. Jones wins this fight wherever it goes. Picks him apart from a distance, if Evans gets inside he gets tossed, if it goes to the grounds its a stoppage. Same bunch of haters come out before every Jones fight, keep hating, Evans gets destroyed, remember the picture of Rashad in the Machida fight, you know the one with his eyes crossed and neck bent over asleep, its coming back!

swany site profile image  

3/20/12 7:39 PM by swany

The closer this fight gets , the more I get the impression that jones is really worried about what rashad brings .... I just see the athleticism and physical traits being too great for rashad to overcome ... If jones and rashad were the same size jones would get stopped in the first .... But their not and jones will win

Mit site profile image  

3/20/12 1:18 PM by Mit

I was surprised when Rashad clowned Davis....this fight will be competitive and could go either way IMO.

Salar site profile image  

3/20/12 1:02 PM by Salar

Is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling that someone else wrote this for him and he just okayed it? It reads very impersonal.

UGCTT_mrthesnake site profile image  

3/20/12 12:35 PM by UGCTT_mrthesnake

It bothers me he won't even say rashads name. He says my opponent like 3 times Does that bother anyone else?

Johnny D site profile image  

3/20/12 12:33 PM by Johnny D

I hope Rashad has his number, I think Jones is a little over hyped at this point in his career. Anyone could have beat the Shogun that showed up the night they fought, Rampage is so one dimensional it's a joke, the Machida win was impressive and is really the only difference between their records and Rashad was real careless with Machida. Jones biggest asset is his size and reach, I don't think his overall MMA technique is any better than Machidas or Rashads. When someone figures out how to deal with his athleticism, size and reach advantage he will lose and the person who probably has the best chance is Rashad. Rampage fought both and has said he thinks Rashad can do it, very interesting.

jtown2 site profile image  

3/20/12 12:13 PM by jtown2

Awesome. It's still a month before the fight. We get to listen to Jones spewing this nonsense for another 30 days.

Chris site profile image  

3/20/12 12:07 PM by Chris

wasn't there some drama about these guys texting each other? If he doesn't have your number, how did he text you?