Justin Bieber defeats boxing with jiu-jitsu

source: complex.com

Complex Magazine's cover story this month explains that pop stardom is a contact sport, but at age 18 Justin Bieber knows how to roll with the punches. The son of an amateur Muay Thai fighter, Bieber has trained - to some extent - in MMA, and in this video and image gallery, takes on two heavyweight fighters, while wearing a tuxedo, and beats them with an armbar.

Dunno what it all means exactly?

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G-Hands site profile image  

3/24/12 2:02 PM by G-Hands

^^^ haha

RondaSnappyArms site profile image  

3/24/12 11:57 AM by RondaSnappyArms

 I'll admit, I don't know his story but what I do know is that this photo op makes him look like a massive poser.  Truth be told though, my wife would probably leave me for him given the opportunity so I don't really want to ruffle his feathers too much. 

G-Hands site profile image  

3/24/12 2:49 AM by G-Hands

if you know Bieber's story, you can't really hate on the kid.

Jugz are for lookin site profile image  

3/24/12 2:45 AM by Jugz are for lookin

Wow...Some mod has beiber fever He deleted my post

Osbot site profile image  

3/23/12 7:06 AM by Osbot

6 weeks sprawl training, 2 solid wins.UFC title shot. Make it happen Dana, you'd get 10 million PPV buys easy.

Kimbos Lice site profile image  

3/22/12 8:52 PM by Kimbos Lice

Jealous much?

Ansari site profile image  

3/22/12 4:14 PM by Ansari

If that's how you took it, it's really not something you should worry about. You should be more worried about grown men harbouring hatred for teenagers who make pop music.

abi site profile image  

3/22/12 1:55 PM by abi

did not know..cool.....

Titanium Rhino site profile image  

3/22/12 1:24 PM by Titanium Rhino

This kid is so annoying. When he makes a song that has more than one lyric (Baby) then maybe I will consider changing my mind about him.

dipsheet site profile image  

3/22/12 12:18 PM by dipsheet

Waddamint....Justin Beiber's a musician, too?!!