Ken Shamrock talks TRT

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PEDs are one of the hot button issues in MMA, with the greatest focus at present being the legal use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Rampage Jackson, Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen, Nate Marquardt and a number of other fighters receiving exemptions in the past.

Ken Shamrock appeared on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour, and admitted his own past use of TRT, adding that in his experience, the treatment has little to do with generating great success.

"The one thing I realized over the years is that that doesn't make you an athlete," Shamrock said. "The fact is, I think that's what some people have been trying to explain to people for so long. It doesn't make you hit a baseball. You have to have the reaction time, you have to have hand-eye coordination, you have to have the fundamentals, you have to be a great athlete to do that, to be able to hit a 100 miles per hour fastball out of the park. Enhancements don't do that for you. Same with football or anything like that. You have to already be an athlete. You have to have that already."

"It's not fair for a guy to have to compete for his job against a guy who is using it. But how are you going to ban it? That's the question. They’re not legitimately trying to test to keep it out of sports. My opinion is, if they were going to do this all the way across the board, our sports would be better, our athletes would be healthier. They wouldn't go through so much trauma on their bodies. The bottom line is, it’s been going on for too long, and they haven't legitimately tried to keep it out."

"Believe me, I’m not pro or con. What I'm saying is, if we're going to do this, then it needs to be done all the way across the board, otherwise people's dreams will be shattered because someone else is able to do it."

"If you're being truthful and you're coming out and absolutely speaking the truth, the bottom line is that’s what we’re faced with and it isn’t going to change anytime soon. You know why? They don't want it. They want the home runs, They want the hard hits. Listen man, if you could take the sports and make them even all the way across the board, I think every single athlete in world would love that. Would love it. Because they'd know going in they don't have to do anything to follow their dreams. They don't have to do any of that stuff. Because they'd know across the board they don't have to worry about that. The bottom line is, that's just not the way it is."

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Zionist Zodiac Zephyr site profile image  

3/22/12 4:30 PM by Zionist Zodiac Zephyr

Ken isn't found with Barbie, unlike Tito who's got Herpes!Rock on Ken'do

Funaki Masakatsu #1 site profile image  

3/22/12 4:01 PM by Funaki Masakatsu #1


Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

3/22/12 12:33 AM by Gnarls Gnarlington

War Shammy!!! Fan forever!

onepunchJD site profile image  

3/21/12 11:41 PM by onepunchJD

LOL.. yeah no shit.

Funaki Masakatsu #1 site profile image  

3/21/12 9:10 PM by Funaki Masakatsu #1


Wasa-B site profile image  

3/21/12 8:59 PM by Wasa-B

Royce got busted for roids. Just in case FYI.

onepunchJD site profile image  

3/21/12 8:28 PM by onepunchJD

^^^Agreed.But we have to remember, the mentality that drives Ken to fight well past the time he should have stopped.. is the same mentality that drove him to be a successful fighter in the first place.Alot of fighters and athletes have a hard time calling it quits. An overweight Don Frye just got his ass kicked by Warpath, of all people! I do think ken has a stubboen streak that is extreme, even among his peers. But we can't hold that against his past success.The "what have you done for me latley" attitude is shallow, IMO.

Octagon Mom site profile image  

3/21/12 8:19 PM by Octagon Mom

I hear what you are saying, that was a great interview, and thanks for reminding me exactly how much he has done. I have been following Ken for a long while as well and my impressions is simply that over time he has been diminishing his own legacy and brand with the bizarre fights he put on post UFC.No one like to see legends make poor decisions that can change your perceptions of them.

onepunchJD site profile image  

3/21/12 8:01 PM by onepunchJD

Ken left a good legacy. For those who know what they are talking about, Ken is one of the most important and influential figures in MMA history.Royce has a great legacy as well.Both men are personal heros of mine.Both guys got their asses kickes late in their careers. Yeah, it happend to Ken more, because Ken is more stubborn. He STILL wants to fight. But losses in recent years don't take away from what he accomplished before that.Ken got screwed by Zuffa. He made a bad choice taking them to court. Not because he was right or wrong.. but because the odds are stacked against the little guy trying to fight a giant like Zuffa in a courtroom. Our justice system is very much biased toward those who can afford to manipulate it the most.So now.. Zuffa, being the class act they are, have all but blacklisted Ken.I don't blame Ken one bit for speaking his mind, after all he has done for modern MMA.And I really don't see what anybody could have against that interview. Ken was honest, respectful, and made a hell of alot os sense.I agree 100% with Ken about "PEDs". The current system is wishy washy, and really encourages athletes to become good at cheating the system.And BTW... TRT is no problem... but smoke a little weed and your suspended! LOL! The double standards!

ShaqNoob site profile image  

3/21/12 7:30 PM by ShaqNoob

You're sick Sandra.