Kimbo KO's Green to get fourth professional boxing victory



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WatchinMMA site profile image  

3/27/12 5:51 AM by WatchinMMA

It looked a lot like fedors last few fights

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

3/27/12 5:41 AM by ChokeEmOut


TheSkywalker site profile image  

3/27/12 5:25 AM by TheSkywalker

You don't understand much at all, do you?

ufcman187 site profile image  

3/26/12 5:36 PM by ufcman187

Or if he can get all hyped up on smack or whatever he was on during all them street fights lol. He went from Street fighting legend to mma/boxing joke !

donkypunch55 site profile image  

3/26/12 4:29 PM by donkypunch55

Tyson in his prime was an A-lvel athlete. to call him overrated and a joke is fighter bashing brah. Riddick Bowe was also a tough, skilled guy who laid it all out during his career and is paying the put Kimbo in the same sentence as those 2 only highlights your some respect.

JasonVee site profile image  

3/26/12 4:17 PM by JasonVee

WTF kind of KO was that?

Attila site profile image  

3/26/12 1:25 PM by Attila

You're over-analyzing this. Watch any 10 second span of the video and it's 100% obvious that it was a work. Simple as that. Kimbo had NOTHING behind those punches and the "KO" was a joke.

Demolition Man site profile image  

3/26/12 12:55 PM by Demolition Man

A few things make this fight seem fixed; 1. Green had Kimbo hurt a few times throughout the fight and didn't follow up with any attack. 2. the extended clinching in the last round. 3. The knockout, Green took a bunch of much harder shots throughout the fight and just smiled at them and then he's barely grazed by that uppercut and it knocks him clean out to the point he can't remember the rest of night?But it's possible that we're just watching two really horrible boxers.

AlexanderTheGOAT site profile image  

3/26/12 12:02 PM by AlexanderTheGOAT

Those of you saying this is legit, I got a bridge for sale. PM me if interested...

William Colosimo site profile image  

3/26/12 11:27 AM by William Colosimo

wow. that looked really bad.