Hendo: Would've been better if I got Jones fight

source: espn.co.uk

UFC president Dana White recently said: "I was trying to put together Dan Henderson vs Shogun II and Henderson doesn't want to do the fight. Henderson wants to wait for the winner of either Jonny Jones or Anderson Silva. He wants Anderson Silva, if Silva wins [against Chael Sonnen], he will make that cut. Otherwise, he wants to fight the winner of Rashad and Jones."

The truth is Henderson believes he should have been handed the next crack at light-heavyweight champion Jones following his Fight of the Year win over Shogun. The fact that the UFC gave the fight to Evans simply means he has to wait for the winner of that fight.

"I guess Dana promised Rashad he was next for the title shot," Henderson told ESPN. "But timing wise, it would have been better for me to fight Jones, and then have Rashad fight the winner.

"That would have been better than having Rashad come right back after fighting Phil Davis, and it's probably going to be pushed again if Rashad wins because he's going to have to fight me pretty quickly as well.

"Dana hasn't publicly stated that I'm next but that's the word. We'll see."

"The only fight that makes sense is a title shot, I was hoping to jump the line in front of Rashad, but I've got to wait until Rashad fights Jon Jones and then I'll fight the winner."

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Reemified site profile image  

3/27/12 4:50 PM by Reemified

I do not see what Dan brings to take out Jon minus the right hand. If he gets even half as gassed as he did in the Shogun fight, it's lights out quick for Hendo

sankakujimmy site profile image  

3/26/12 4:56 PM by sankakujimmy

Hendo is a great fighter and has accomplished a lot, but he is certainly not the greatest of all time. In my opinion the myth of him being THE greatest is the result of a "cult of the personality" situation. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about your favourite fighter,but this shouldn't get in the way of the facts.Dan has never been THE dominant fighter in any weight division he's been in. Yes he's been champion, but then so have Rashad and Forest and no-one seems to think they've ever been the dominant fighter in their division.Dan has never dominated in the way that Anderson, Gsp, Jon Jones, Randy, Fedor or Chuck have done. I suspect that many of those who contend that Dan is the G.O.A.T. love him because of what he represents - an All-American hero, a great wreslter with big punching power and a granite chin. Maybe some of these fans love him so much because in some way he represents what they themselves are or aspire to be.Dan does not deserve to leapfrog either Chael or Rashad for those title fights, but fights against either Hendo or Anderson would be entertaining, though I think he would lose both. And Hendo fans should be careful what they wish for as a defeat against Jones in particular would probably be brutal.

sankakujimmy site profile image  

3/26/12 4:56 PM by sankakujimmy

Double post!

DaddyRich site profile image  

3/26/12 9:31 AM by DaddyRich

Jake Shields finds Hendo's demands funny.

32Hunter site profile image  

3/26/12 3:48 AM by 32Hunter

 SOLD! that's a pretty good run I'd say he deserves a title shot.

RockyBullwinkle site profile image  

3/26/12 3:19 AM by RockyBullwinkle

The guys from that b promotion seem to be doing pretty good though

Attila site profile image  

3/26/12 2:43 AM by Attila

I'd much rather see him fight Jones and let Silva fight GSP.

Easytarget site profile image  

3/26/12 2:38 AM by Easytarget

Agree, Jones is way too tall and long, and Dan is small at that weight.

stonepony site profile image  

3/26/12 2:20 AM by stonepony

That would be such a great fight... I doubt Dan Henderson is scared of any living human being. He wouldn't be asking for Jon Jones if he was scared.

Farewell Brock site profile image  

3/26/12 1:48 AM by Farewell Brock

As opposed to rashad who has how many top 5 wins in the last 3 years?