Belcher: It would be 'so cool' to heel hook Palhares

by Stephie Daniels | source:

SD: In a recent interview you did, you stated that you want to beat Rousimar by submission. Is it safe to assume that you'd like it to be a heel hook?

AB: [laughs] Oh, that would be so cool to get a foot lock or a heel hook or something like that. That'd be great, but you know, I think I'd just be very happy with a win. If I could chose a way to win, definitely, but I don't think I'm going to put myself in that situation, so that's probably not going to happen.

SD: Do you feel that you will be able to capitalize on your size advantage, and have you ever fought anyone as compact as Palhares?

AB: I actually have fought someone like that. Not in the UFC, it was before I got signed. They have their advantages and their weaknesses, just like I do. I feel comfortable though. I'd rather fight someone shorter and stockier than me, than someone taller.

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DontBeScaredGomi site profile image  

3/27/12 5:04 AM by DontBeScaredGomi

War talent!

Jaybrone site profile image  

3/27/12 2:22 AM by Jaybrone

 People need to learn how to read past the headline. Good god he said he hopes not to be in the position to go for a heel hook. He knows it would leave him in a bad position with Palhares. Stop being fucking dense and learn to raed the interview before commenting.

overEZ site profile image  

3/26/12 5:15 PM by overEZ

To get into a position to heel hook, Belcher would be susceptible to a heel hook himself...To go there against Rousimar would take huge balls. I think if Belcher had just lost a fight, he would go for it. He's on his comeback path... there's just too much on the line.

Tractor site profile image  

3/26/12 3:36 PM by Tractor

Alan is one of the coolest most interesting people that I have the privilege of knowing. That being said, Belcher by heel hook!

Toquinho site profile image  

3/26/12 3:26 PM by Toquinho

Belcher: would be cool to armbar rousey, to take cormier down, to outstrike overeem, to pin brock lesnar and to front kick andy all in one night :D

Crooklyn site profile image  

3/26/12 3:09 PM by Crooklyn

THIS! He was joking, hence the [laughs] at the beginning. He goes  on to say that he won't be putting himself in that position too. For the record, when I wrote this article, that was NOT the headline. It was changed after I submitted it. 

SQUIRREL Master site profile image  

3/26/12 2:49 PM by SQUIRREL Master


Hendpwned site profile image  

3/26/12 2:35 PM by Hendpwned

Palhares can be heel hooked like any other fighter except kyle maynard.

French Fries Malone site profile image  

3/26/12 2:24 PM by French Fries Malone

He's just trolling, his key to victory will be distance

Toquinho site profile image  

3/26/12 2:15 PM by Toquinho

Palhares by [insert random limb] bar/hook