King Mo suspended 9 months, fined 39k, Larkin fight NC

source: The Underground

Strikeforce fighter Muhammed Lawal nearly died recently from a staph infection, and now receives word that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has determined his punishment for testing positive for the Performance Enhancing Drug Drostanalone.

Josh Gross  @JoshGrossESPN
Don't get popped for banned substances in Nevada. Mo Lawal's punishment: $39,000 fine, 9 month suspension, win vs. Larkin changed to NC.

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ILikePsych site profile image  

3/28/12 10:13 PM by ILikePsych

Well then I guess it's a good thing that it doesn't matter what you "smell". And I disagree about the cheating on a significant other being worse than cheating on a PED test. Taking PEDs to facilitate your causing harm to another individual is far worse than the emotional harm caused by cheating. Larkin got knocked unconscious. He could have died. Cheating on a spouse can't kill.

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

3/28/12 9:19 PM by Reed Rothchild

...... I smell a lot bull shit In that post... Btw, cheating on your significant other is far worse that cheat on a drug test with a ped

ILikePsych site profile image  

3/28/12 12:01 PM by ILikePsych

Nope... 7 years same significant other never cheated once, and I was a member of my university honors program, departmental honors program, and got selected for 3 different international honors societies for being in the top 5% of my graduating class... No need to cheat. I put in the work and take whatever I get in return. But even then, those situations are completely different than taking a drug to better help you maul another human being for sport. In fact, they're not even close to comparable.How about instead of questioning my own actions you try defending the actions of the guy your white knighting for? You have yet to say why you think what he did was acceptable; choosing instead to attack my personal character and yet you call me the 12 year old.

Lloyd gave me my bluename80cent site profile image  

3/28/12 9:36 AM by Lloyd gave me my bluename80cent

 hopelly Calo can relay Rampage's tweets on this matter to us

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

3/28/12 8:46 AM by Reed Rothchild

I didn't know I was talking to 12 year old... Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend/wife, a test in school?

DSaint site profile image  

3/28/12 12:14 AM by DSaint

 This is one of the rare times that I believe he fucked up. Don't get me wrong, he should have read into what exactly he was taking, but Superdrol/M-Drol/it's various rip offs are widely available and are marketed as supplements.

ILikePsych site profile image  

3/27/12 11:21 PM by ILikePsych

Of course I have, but me entering a code into a video game or grabbing an extra card during monopoly is a lot different than injecting a performance enhancer before attempting to inflict harm on another individual, wouldn't you say? Especially when the context of that harm is in the name of sport.

sin_tax site profile image  

3/27/12 6:13 PM by sin_tax

Its not like he was gonna fight in 9 months anyway. Now the fine has got to hurt that is a lot of dough to be giving away.

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

3/27/12 6:06 PM by Reed Rothchild

I bet you have never cheated on anything in your life? Fucking tool

Joe Sons nuts site profile image  

3/27/12 5:56 PM by Joe Sons nuts

Not the best timing money wise. Heard his treatment was expensive as shit.