King Mo slams 'racist b----' at Nevada State Athletic Commission


Early today Muhammand 'King Mo' Lawal had a judiciary hearing in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The hearing was to determine what action, if any, would be taken against Lawal, whom tested postive for Drostanolone following his January 7th win over Lorenz Larkin. The NSAC levied King Mo with a $39,000 fine, 9-month suspension, and changed the result of his bout with Larkin to a no contest.

The Strikeforce lightheavyweight had no plans to deny ingesting the drug, but he did not take kindly to the question of commission Pat Lundvall:

I shoulda stayed home! Lol. NSAC had they mind made up b4 we got there! Lol. All the research we did and disclosed to em! They ignored! LOL.

I honestly feel like Lundvall was a racist bitch asking me if I can read or speak english. Go on somewhere with that bullshit bitch!!!

Lundvall....I'm college educated. Get your mind right!

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ABE FROMAN site profile image  

3/31/12 12:12 PM by ABE FROMAN

lol, you're just upset that people like you make thosands of posts about the subject but spend the majority of your time trying spin it like it's everybody else. I think it's hilarious that you come to an MMA forum to do it, and will lol at you until you go back to where you belong. Formula for idiots: Bring up racism, pretend to be a victim, then spin it like it wasn't them and it's everybody else is playing victim. So obvious, so dumb. In other words, nobody wants to hear your take on politics. You just came here for this, you don't have shit to say about MMA.   

mcq site profile image  

3/31/12 11:28 AM by mcq


NorthSlopePipeNinja site profile image  

3/31/12 8:05 AM by NorthSlopePipeNinja

You should post this in all the Mo threads, it would make them much shorter.

KwikTempah site profile image  

3/31/12 5:35 AM by KwikTempah

I've been asked in court if I understand English and if I can read English , it was at an employment tribunal to do with a contract dispute . not only am I white .... I'm also English .who should be more offended , me or mo ?I didn't get offended , I just assumed they ask everyone that if they have signed contracts in that language and had negotiations in that language . can't stand people like Mo , need to grow the fuck up !

William Colosimo site profile image  

3/30/12 7:17 PM by William Colosimo

lol, youre just upset that you come to a mma forum and make thousands of posts about black oppression, and you likely dont have a good personal black oppression story that would justify all your crying and rage

Vancouver BJJ site profile image  

3/30/12 4:05 PM by Vancouver BJJ

Some people still don't understand the role of a prosecutor in a trial. It's her job to make him slip up and jumble his words with questions. That means asking simple questions like can you read? Did you read the medical form? Did you understand? If so then why did you commit perjury by filling out a form incorrectly? the only answer I saw on the transcript.It's called cross examination kids. They used this tactic, and it revealed that mo was a liar, and a cheater. Now it shows he's dumb and prejudice against himself as a black male. If he or his retarded manager weren't busy thinking about race cards they might have won or at least not been fired. The can you read English thing was their first line of offense and it was a kill shot. I bet mo and kogan are feeling really stupid, so stupid they didn't even know what happened. Why would he have not got a lawyer? Cross examined once. Case closed. Retard.

NorthSlopePipeNinja site profile image  

3/30/12 3:42 PM by NorthSlopePipeNinja

On March 23, 2011, boxer Michael Shane Steele tested positive for an anabolic steroid. Steele, who is white, appeared before the commission on May 20, 2011, and underwent rigorous questioning from Lundvall. According to a commission transcript, the following exchange took place between Lundvall and Steele:Pat Lundvall: Do you have any other information that you are willing to share with the Commission to explain why you tested positive for banned substances?Michael Steele: None. Only the supplements I took and what I was trying to accomplish in taking them.PL: Do you read English?MS: Yes, ma'am.PL: Do you understand the written word?MS: Yes, I believe so.While the questioning was undoubtedly unpleasant, it is now abundantly apparant that it was not racist.It is now incumbent on Lawal to offer a public and private apology, heal up fast, take the highest paying fights available, and hopefully work his way back quickly into the highest levels of the sport.

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

3/30/12 1:21 PM by ABE FROMAN

 Has this been moved to reverse victim ground yet?

William Colosimo site profile image  

3/30/12 12:44 PM by William Colosimo

Its literally scary to read shit like this and see people so deluded/stupid that they think they have it bad (when they clearly dont), and others dont have it bad due to their colorWhites dont know what racism is like? Are you sure? Out of whites and blacks, which group rapes, assaults, robs, and murders the other more? Thats where true oppression lieslol at someone thinking youre not the boss as some horrible racist offense. Try being white in a black neighborhood. Ive had people throw rocks at me, start fights, try to rob me, etc. I would say these would be worse offenses than someone simply thinking someone else was the boss, wouldnt you? Id trade racist experiences with you any day of the weekYou remind me of a direct supervisor I had at a restaurant. She was a black female and we worked alone a lot. She would rant on a daily basis about whitey and his evil racism. Never mind the fact that she would discriminate against me- focus on the fact that her life was pretty consumed with thoughts about white oppression. She finally told me her big racism story that she personally went through. I was expecting to hear about the KKK raping, killing, and eating her family or some shit. She only had one oppression story (and she was in her late 30's). It was from a few years ago at the same restaurant. She got her work done on time one day and was talking with coworkers. Her boss yelled at her (obviously unheard of in a kitchen) to get to work, not realizing she was done with her tasks. She took this one instance, got paranoid and assumed it was because she was black, and became obsessed with it for years.Some people are just mentally weak.

robbie380 site profile image  

3/30/12 11:56 AM by robbie380

 Lol so the lying and bullshitting from Mo and his manager isn't out of line, but her completely trying to shut down his lying and bullshitting is out of line and borderline racist?  I love it! I'm college educated too and if I got caught lying the way Mo and his manager were then I would not be surprised if I was asked if I can read and understand English.  Mo was acting like he had no freaking clue what he was taking or even filling out, so I think it is pretty damn appropriate to ask if he can read and understand English.  I have no doubt that you have dealt with racism in your life, but try not let that cloud your judgement of this situation.  Just because someone of color is talked down to by a white person doesn't mean it is racist.  Mo was clearly lying and trying to act like a clueless fool and she ended the bullshit really quick.