Brian Green destroys claim that he threw Kimbo fight

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Kimbo Slice was noticed for winning backyard bareknuckle brawls all day, and then rose to fame in MMA, headlining some of the most watched cards in MMA history, and making season 10 of the TUF show the most popular in the franchise's history.

The upper levels of MMA ultimately proved to offer a dim future, so Kimbo moved on to prizefighting, taking the usual route of any prospect in boxing - fighting a series of contests he was expected to win.

In a curious twist, Saturday night he faced a late minute substitute, veteran MMA fighter Brian Green, who, despite ordinarily fighting at 185, managed to beat Kimbo for all three three rounds of boxing, until, with just three seconds remaiing, Kimbo won via knockout.

Some fans thought Green took a dive, but in an impassioned post on the Underground, Green utterly refutes the idea.


I'm the one who fought Kimbo Saturday. READ!

From: Brian Green
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It has been a while since I lost the login to the UG. However I would occasionally check to see what people are talking about on here. . . .

Here's the deal people.

First of all, I would NEVER throw a fight, take a dive, whatever you want to call it. I have been fighting for 9 years now starting as a punk 17 year old kid, evolved into a professional mixed martial artist.

I have fought 9 UFC veterans. Yes, I lost to all except breaking Nik Lentz's arm (thank you for reminding me about the losses) Yes I realize the Lentz fight was several years ago, but my heart won me that fight, and has won me SEVERAL fights since, and before then as well.

Here is where I'm at in my career. After going to Vegas to tryout for TUF, and I wasn't passed through the first cut Dana White said it was probably due to the record (speaking generally to everyone that didn't make the cut) He said don't come up to me and complain about so and so has never fought anybody tough, and has a padded record, GO pad your own record! So that's exactly what I did. I quit fighting the Brock Larson, Rob Kimmons, Rory markham, Nick Thompsons of the sport, and started fighting other regular pro fighters instead of killers. Now I am on a seven fight win streak.

In Springfield Missouri, for a show I have fought for before, I took a huge opportunity (and helped fill in for the promoter) to go make a name for myself by fighting Kimbo Slice. I have sparred with several world class MMA fighters in my day, and I have adapted well through the years to where I can hang with most. Now, I saw an opportunity to fight Kimbo who in my eyes was EXTREMELY over rated. Plus, How many people actually get the opportunity to fight this guy? and in Strictly boxing, where I only have to avoid 2 weapons instead of punches, kicks, knees, elbows, AND takedowns, I figured hey, what the heck, I really think I can last to a decision with this guy.

*** That's the most important thing here. I am on 7 consecutive Wins, and EIGHT Fights ago my last loss, I put a guy in a triangle who slammed me in front of my entire family, friends, supporters, EVERYONE I knew in my hometown. i had been BEGGING for a rematch ever since it happened, and I FINALLY got the opportunity to fight him AGAIN in my hometown. Same place, Same opponent, except this time, it was for my Eighth consecutive win, AND to avenge my last loss which would look GREAT in helping me to achieve my goal of fighting in the UFC alongside my friends Jeremy Stephens, Josh Neer, Tyson Griffin, Rob Kimmons and others who have made it.

So I take this huge opportunity thinking I can make it to a decision by avoiding the big punches. So my fight in April will still be a go, and I can get that last loss avenged, AND to add to it, I make a name for myself by lasting with the big puncher Kimbo. Never did I have in my mind that I could actually WIN it.

I'm a fighter though. I feel I have an opportunity to get a win against ANYONE on any given day in Fighting. And any, and everytime I'm in a fight, I'm 100% giving everything I have to GET THAT WIN.

How much sense does it make for me to take a dive, to get suspended, and lose the chance at getting my re match, a chance to fight this guy I've been DROOLING about getting a second crack at to attempt to destroy this guy, not to mention I could make the most money I've ever made in my hometown as I have already sold several new first time sponsorships with new businesses, as well as having sold a ton of tickets to more supporters I had gained since I last fought that guy.

No amount of money would make me avoid taking a second crack at trying to beat the brakes off this guy who slam ko'd me in front of my grandma, grandpa,(it was their first fight they ever came to!) mom, dad, almost 5k in ticket sales. This was going to be the most financially beneficial fight I had ever had in my hometown. NO WAY would i risk losing this. I knew going into this fight I HAD to make it to a decision.

After I took a few big shots from Kimbo, and did not get hurt from them, my confidence started to build, THEN I got the crowd behind me. Hearing thousands of people chanting my name, I can not explain with words the feeling that made me feel. I was putting my hands up, getting the crowd more into it,and at the same time attempting to get in Kimbos head, as I had been trying to do since the press conference & weigh ins. My adrenaline was pumping, and though I was tired in the second round as I had never trained specifically for a BOXING match, but not completely out of shape as I had been training for my April 13th fight, I continued to feed off the energy of the crowd, and attempt to land the finishing KO shots on Kimbo. I ALMOST DID. Several Times. Watch the WHOLE fight not just the 4th round when we were both Gassed.

As far as the actual Knockout... I know you people who sit on your couch and eat doritos know everything there is to know about fighting, BUT Maybe, Just MAYBE you didn't take into account that the shot that turned out my light switch was actually THREE punches on the button. Not just the uppercut, the first uppercut, then the straight right, and then the final hook/uppercut that finished.

I fight at 185lbs people, going to 170, as I'm on a career best win streak, and i would do best at 170 instead of 185 against other monsters in the MW division. (Not that I couldn't give some of them a tough fight, or beat them, but I would have the most success at WW.

Now put all this into perspective, on top of the fact that I had been eating shots (AND GOT ROCKED PROBABLY SIX TIMES EARLIER IN THE FIGHT) Then, on top of all the wearing down punches, me being tired from throwing on him, and the absorbtion of all this, Before a 260lb Gorilla who has a ton of muscle in his body hitting me three times in a row RIGHT on the button. I dont care if they were arm punches or he got everything into it, either way, on a tired fighter, those can deliver a Knockout.

And another thing I thought about, IF i were to throw this fight, to make Kimbo look good right? HOW does it make him look good that i SMOKED him being 2 weight classes under for the whole fight, until he caught me with the three punch combination.. How does that improve his career?

Regardless, I NEVER would throw a fight. Talk to anyone who knows me, or watch me fight Joe Vedepo on youtube, where my shoulder got dislocated brutally 2 times in the fight, and I pop it back in the socket and continue to fight 3 more rounds cut open, dang near beat to death, but NEVER giving up. I have more heart than many fighters you'll ever see.

Even if I didn't get caught in the last 3 seconds (btw I didn't know the time of the round, because I couldn't hear my corner, or the 10-second warning) I'm sure you people would find SOMETHING to say, saying Kimbo threw the fight against me or something.

Also If I'm going to Dive, I would PROBABLY do it before getting my ORBITAL bone fractured.



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BaraoKix site profile image  

4/1/12 8:20 PM by BaraoKix

^ the only way to settle is a fight @ catchweight 240-285, you bulk up good, you would have a decent chance for sure I know you fight @ MW alot but itd be a fight people would want to see, in SFL...

Brian Green site profile image  

4/1/12 8:15 PM by Brian Green

Lol, I have an idea who probably would love to use this time in my life as an opportunity to defamate (sp?) my character. If that's your opinion and you're sticking to it, I've got nothing else to say. I came and tried to do what I try to do every time I step into any competition; Make the crowd feel like they're getting their money's worth. I had everyone on their feet for almost the entire fight. I used my speed and ripped into Kimbo with that advantage. I have never trained strictly boxing before in my life. If a deal was made and I could win for 4 rounds, lol I would probably keep the money and not go down.I have intentions of making it to the UFC for one run, and one opportunity to make a bonus. I am pretty sure that was the Fight Of The Night on that card. I know I could match up well with some people in the UFC, and create some bonus-winning fights. (Fights that are WINNABLE for me) I would take a loss if it was a Fight of the night performance. You're not going to get cut from the UFC if you perform well, and they make it financially worth this torture on your body to compete. I am closer than I have ever been to getting a shot and I'm pissed that I have to sit for 60 days medically suspended as it is. And I lose out on a very good payday for winning my 8th consecutive fight. That would take retirement money to even get me to consider.. With Kimbo taking fights just to make money as his career is already pretty much over, it wouldn't be financially beneficial for them to even consider. I'm sure you could take those shots from Kimbo though, even when you're dead tired from getting blasted by that dude, and only had 3 days to prepare. I sure tried my best, and I was compensated enough from the promoter to do so, also from 2 sponsors in addition. Unfortunately, me not being in fight shape resulted in me getting my lightswitch turned out from 4 big shots from Kimbo (I thought it was only the three until i saw the video shot from behind which showed me stumbling from getting blasted in my ear)

MARDUK site profile image  

3/31/12 11:30 PM by MARDUK


_33 site profile image  

3/31/12 11:21 PM by _33

Well put.Honesty is where it's at. I sleep well at night. Keeping a clear conscience is the key.

ENZO007 site profile image  

3/31/12 5:48 PM by ENZO007

I'm not accepting that you were legitimately knocked out in that fight. Sorry, you can explain things all day, but the footage doesn't lie. You took a dive in my eyes. There was no way in hell you were knocked out by those punches. No fucking way. You disgraced the sport with your antics.I think you and team Kimbo made an agreement. Kimbo lets you win the rounds, then knocks you out in the end. That way you can say you still looked good even in losing. How much money did team Kimbo throw your way? Probably more money then you will EVER make in a fight for the rest of your life and I think you knew it. You took the money that was going to change your life for the better. You were never going to see that much money again for the rest of your life and you took the offer they put on the table.You took a dive homeboy and anyone who has trained, been in a fight, or has even watched a fucking fight knows it. I'm getting more and more upset as I type. You are a disgrace and I'm just going to end it there...

Stea1th site profile image  

3/31/12 5:42 PM by Stea1th

How long till Brian takes a dive on this thread

HELWIG site profile image  

3/31/12 5:38 PM by HELWIG

"Never did I have in my mind that I could actually WIN it. "...............

MrColdCock site profile image  

3/31/12 11:26 AM by MrColdCock

For the most part, MMA fans are retarded. Plain and simple.

NHBStriker site profile image  

3/31/12 11:07 AM by NHBStriker

The short clip of Brian Green hitting the canvas that was posted originally looked very suspect. Unfortunately, that clip is the one that most people have seen and will remember.However, in the below video, which Green posted earlier on this page, the knockout looks much more legitimate. As Green stated "fast forward to 11:10 for the KO." (although I personally feel you should watch the entire fight to get a better sense of how exhausted he was) luck in your career Brian Green. You fought hard and I'm sure it is absolutely sucks to have this happen.

Forrest Spliffn site profile image  

3/31/12 2:46 AM by Forrest Spliffn

Glad ur defending fiercely. That looked fake as hell tho.